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So you're aware: most of my art is now going on at

This account will remain active, but follow both if you don't want to miss anything!

The whole thing is loosely influenced by Wittgenstein's philosophy surrounding "language games."

The idea is to build on what people have done with creating new alphabets by encoding and decoding data with two NNs. What's new here is that the communication is "about" some stimuli and flows through the same medium as the stimuli.

Also, the NNs are tasked with playing a sort of game of telephone, passing messages about the same stimuli back and forth, adding noise as it goes.

I've trained two neural networks to communicate classes (based on images) across a noisy channel. One constraint is they must compress the information into a lower-resolution image.

Additionally, they're tasked with fooling another network into choosing the wrong class based on their images. It's like having a couple whisper in code while someone nearby eavesdrops.

A Stylish-Cycle-GAN that uses the inputted image in the augmented instance norm. The fun of Cycle-GAN with Style.

For some reason I'm doing flowers -> buildings...

love too give 1 billion votes, to 1 (one) boomer in Wyoming,,

mm yess, the ecletoral collage, which serves to protect those tread upon rural peoples,,

having a nice pair of headphones on my desk adjacent to my laptop and opting to use the laptop speakers for music is just really emblematic of my life

So you're aware: most of my art is now going on at

This account will remain active, but follow both if you don't want to miss anything!

Liking one of the posts but not replying because I realize my research isn't even near to being published yet, but I *will* be jumping into the discourse soon...

Sweating and looking for that discourse on ML and physics from months ago because I feel I finally have something to contribute to the conversation

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Thinking about my animated particle systems while drawing today's #inkyDays, inspired by chemistry and physics.

#generative #art #ink #drawing

newest drawing at bottom of post: InkyDays 05/29/19 -

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Honestly, the dream is to find this but for glasses...

Found a single scalar in the latent vector that works pretty well for masc/fem appearance

Next step is to find my own face in the latent space and alter it

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