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Wiio's Law
1 Communication usually fails, except by accident.
1.1 If communication can fail, it will.
1.2 If communication cannot fail, it still most usually fails.
1.3 If communication seems to succeed in the intended way, there's a misunderstanding.
1.4 If you are content with your message, communication certainly fails.
2 If a message can be interpreted in several ways, it will be interpreted in a manner that maximizes the damage.

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3 There is always someone who knows better than you what you meant with your message.
4 The more we communicate, the worse communication succeeds.
4.1 The more we communicate, the faster misunderstandings propagate.
5 In mass communication, the important thing is not how things are but how they seem to be.
6 The importance of a news item is inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

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7 The more important the situation is, the more probably you forget an essential thing that you remembered a moment ago.

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A single sentence factoring of chaos magick 

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@Bert That's how you get pop. People burn out on developing strong attachments to things they can't protect and just turn into opportunistic scavengers who raid whatever culture is hot right now, in a way that propagates the burnt out scavenger mindset and feeds the cheap disposable media engine.

Reflecting on why whenever I make a social media account it quickly devolves into a therapy attempt, I realized that my biomechanics for producing content are so unpleasant that I only do it if I already feel bad for some reason. I need to keep trying to revise my workspace I guess

When I walk on this hill I usually encounter cows and deer, but this Sunday I ran into someone's excellently turned out working horses! The two on the right came to see if I had something to offer them, and were very friendly and polite! (Well, polite to me, not each other🤭)

We live in a society, but that doesn't mean we're not society.

Being irrational can be rational.

Words are just water. We sink or swim.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.


Perverse behavior is a rational response to perverse incentives.

Working theory: labor breaks down the body, and dancing freely repairs it. But labor builds the mind, and dancing freely dissolves it.

Went to the annual state of the university address today, and the president literally said he's implementing "big data" for student analytics to increase retention rates. He framed it as focusing on each student as an individual instead of thinking of them in terms of group memberships (first generation, low income, race, etc), which were described as categories of "othering". Everyone clapped.

I'm hecking excited to get analyzed. I feel like such a valued customer.

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I think we all feel something is rotten in the foundation of our economic system. I have no solution but lately I've started formulating the problem like this:

The stuff that you can still make money doing, and the stuff that the world actually needs doing for humans to thrive, seem to overlap less and less every year.

Picture a venn diagram with like "adtech" and "high frequency trading" in one circle, "investigative journalism" and "planting trees" in the other, drifting inexorably apart

2) At the farmers market a kid started playing rambunctiously with the fallen leaves on the sidewalk. Their babysitter exclaimed, "OMG You have so many leaves in your hair! You're an autumn goddess, I'm so here for it!" It made me feel so warm and happy inside that somebody taking care of a kid would just embrace their joy and be there for it even if it makes a little bit of mess

I had a rough week, but still stumbled into some momentary happinesses:

1) The hispanic student club at uni put on a memorial for a departed Spanish department member. It wasn't just poetry -- Mariachi club performed as well, and there was an amazing potluck with at least six kinds of salsa. I stumbled into the party (it was in what's usually a quiet place to do homework) and ended up staying for lunch because the proceedings were so beautiful and everyone generously welcomed my being there.

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PermaPunk – Visionary Non/Fictions 

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Those who know about us have power over us; obfuscation may be our best digital weapon: "The Fantasy of Opting Out"
(Plus- Tyndale)
“I never said, ‘I want to be alone.’ I only said ‘I want to be let alone!’ There is all the difference.”*…

Ponder privacy:

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