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PSA: Season 2 of The Good Place is out on Netflix, and it makes Season 1 look like a setup 😂 I haven't laughed this hard since Rick and Morty

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🗣 i feel guilty when i refer to myself as a boy & that's probably why i don't really do it but i wish i didn't feel that way 🗣

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Climb around in "The Interactive Tree of Life Explorer"
(Plus- the man who put down the Piltdown Man)
“From so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved”*…

Ponder our progenitors at:

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In your opinion, what will the worst impact of global warming be on society?

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Most designers suck at designing for software. They’re too used to presenting things in a beautiful way, hiding controls and emphasizing each “thing” as if they were works of art. Software however is mostly about sifting through junk.

They’re still too rooted in print design ideas where content was curated.

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I propose we repurpose roads for trains and we do it yesterday.

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Tired: Nanomaterials are very very strong

Wired: Nanotech is BS --Elon Musk

Inspired: The concept of a material as the substance/s of which a thing is made, as a model by which things can be understood at various scales, is an abstraction that will be bled by our anisotropic meso-architectured meta-materials. Intrinsicality is for physicists.

tl;dr I think we broke the notion of 'materials'... sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. We hope to have things up and running again shortly.

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But relying solely on that authority is no way to get buy-in. You don't get fanfics by cracking the whip of authoritah.

So I've been gradually figuring out narratives that help to build consistent rules that 1) get them through the GCE ‘A’ levels, 2) won't harm then too much whether they pursue a STEM degree or not, 3) help them understand the storyverse enough to write their own fanfics.

Tough, but so satisfying.

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The longer I teach high school physics, the more I come to accept the idea that I should try to teach it the way a fantasy novel writer introduces a storyverse.

Everyone comes in with their folk theories of how things work; those who did more science reading or more tinkering in their childhood generally have folk theories that more closely resemble the Standard Model. The Standard Model overrides their folk theories in the classroom primarily because I have structural authority.

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Reflections on Being 30 Show more

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And I'm proud of my mom for knowing herself and her circumstances well enough to say screw it to learning how to make slideshows. I'm a fucking adult, I don't need to be the opposite of my mother and incapable of appreciating her many good qualities.

This sort of behavior and attitude used to make me angry and confused. But I must admit the presentation turned out okay. Not perfect, not awful; just adequate for the purposes. And she was very proud. Whereas all of my presentations in the past 5 years (that I showed up for) have turned out either perfect/100 or awful, and I wasn't proud of any of them.

Now I have decided to be retroactively proud of all of the presentations I showed up for.

My mom is the most aggressively mediocre person I've ever met, and she has amazing self esteem. Today I watched her give a slideshow presentation without a slideshow. Her excuse was that she didn't have time to make one because her neighbor took her to court for not keeping her goats in her own yard, which is true; but the real reason is that she doesn't know how to make a slideshow. And she doesn't think agreeing to make one is enough reason to try to learn.

Causality is risky. This platform is a tool. You do not learn to use tools unless you use them. Nobody does nothing. To do something, you must do something. Every moment destroys the one previous. You cannot opt out. It is always your move.

Comparison of depression and anxiety Show more

There's just never, ever going to be enough bandwidth, is there? I guess I have to stop trying to escape the insanity field of my closest relationships and instead try to do 'virtue ethics' right this time around.

BRB, everyone. In the meantime, enjoy this pretty Lie group and don't forget to be awesome.

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Words are not mountains with monolithic definitions that erode over time. Words are sand dunes, each spoken or written invocation a grain blown on a moving wave, constantly in motion and never definite.

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Anyone have any grand unified theories on the dynamics of technological advancement in civilization and its kernels or know of blog posts on this topic? Preferably something atemporal.

Whereas Carlota Pereze describes *what* happens in technological revolutions, I want to know why and how technology emerges and advances.

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topics i'm interested in reading more about:
- the feasibility of, pros/cons, path to world government 🌎
- coordination between actors/organizations/communities 🤝

any ?

Since in economics both liberalism and conservatism mean deregulation, privatization, and free trade, what is the -ism for the opposite? In politics, socialism and communism seem to fit the bill, but I wondered if there were economic policies beyond those heavily loaded ideological terms.

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