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Mastodon was mentioned as an alternative experience. But it's really lots of potential alternative experiences, depending on which instances you join. I follow a lot of people on multiple accounts in various instances that have communities with different focuses. Kinda gives masto more of a reddit feel

I definitely have played up my autistic symptoms at times to shirk onerous social responsibilities with extended family. It's very challenging to take on more blame than you have to, once you've had a taste of the get-out-of-jail-free card that comes with the contemporary medicalization of mental phenomena. People will lie to each other and to themselves about anything and everything, especially the contents of their mental experiences.

I guess this is the anthropocene.

But there is destruction inherent in taking on creative transformations of personhood. And I've suffered from subtler disabilities like depression, and what I have no better word for than "neurasthenia", with symptoms like sudden loss of blood pressure. Which is very unhelpful when you are trying to accomplish things.

But when I was in middle school, my best friend developed a fainting problem because she read Twilight and was able to pull off the Bella Swan archetype perfectly. So...

Not less, just different. Because right now it's totally fine for people to damage their reproductive chances through doing whatever they want with their sex and gender; in the same way, right now it's totally fine for people to do whatever they want in regards to amputations, blindness, deafness, etc. Those disabilities have entire parallel cultures that I feel enrich the world. Sign language, being able to read and find your way around without light, wheelchair basketball, all wonderful

I'm tempted to fall into this slippery slope mindset WRT transableism, but I might be making the same mistake as the "I identify as an attack helicopter" argument and the "Next people are going to start marrying ducks" argument. Maybe transableism can be disentangled neatly from the rest of human psychological troubles and put into a box next to transexuality and homosexuality. Being differently abled is a thing, right?

Ht vgr's twitter by the way; in the thread on this article about transableism, people mentioned being okay with suicide and euthanesia under certain circumstances. There was a sense of a continuum to self destructiveness culminating in death. Rick from Rick and Morty dances dramatically along this continuum throughout the show, and the Pickle Rick episode is entirely about his compulsive self destructive behaviors.

Taking hormones removes your ability to function as a normal sexual person. We are just a few looming megadisasters away from The Handmaid's Tale. Right now US progressives have an abundance mindset towards human resources and a scarcity mindset towards natural resources because empirically the humans are abundant and everything else is getting scarce, but transablism catching on in a real way could turn humans scarce quick.

And childrearing is work. (the Dirty, Dull, and Dangerous kind )

Getting out of the work of manufacturing new humans for make benefit glorious lineage of thinky apes is not trivial, even though it's currently very trendy and feels totally valid to coasties

So doing stuff like hysterectomies IS trans-ablism, not just transgenderism

I've heard and read countless stories of both self maiming and parents maiming children in order to escape certain death or fates worse than death that were befalling the able bodied.

I'm a trans man, and a key element of resistance to such behavior is that it's a rejection of the obligation of motherhood (symbolically if not always literally (though for me literally)). Progressives can forget how important babies are to conservatives, but they are absolutely obsessed. All women must breed Trans - ableism. This article takes PC transgender terminology and applies it to people who want disabilities -- amputation, blindness, deafness, etc. Transabled people seem to feel better when they get the procedures they want, so allowing such procedures might be positive. But because disability removes the capacity to perform onerous tasks, people *will* call on transablism to get out of unwanted responsibilities. Draft dodging always accompanies a draft...

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White supremacists, Nazism, alt-right, banality of evil 

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My habits are like selfish memes. And they don't care if they damage their hosts as long as they can spread quickly enough to survive.

Chemicals strong enough to instantly wipe out a noxious lifeform are dirty and indiscriminate in their effects. The alternative is large quantities of time devoted to highly repetitive labor. There is no magic solution. Everything we might call "real" magic is really unseen prior preparation.

Tautologically, you have to do work to change your shape. And it feels like work in the sense that it wears you down. It weathers and sculpts you.

No single part of personality wants to be weathered away.

I wish the implications of my beliefs would cross reference each other automatically, but alas.

I was raised on martyr narratives. "The Martyrdom of the Bab" was a major holy day in my childhood. My ingrained, habitual stance towards goodness has death for your cause holding the place of highest honor.

Changing the way I think about my strategy in life is less like switching out program variables than it's like renovating a home. There's mold in the attic and my amygdala's full of kudzu.

Just realized that infinite games imply a context where literally everything changes eventually. Your identity can't be tied to anything in particular at all because unless you're willing to become a martyr to immortalize a particular version of yourself (John Henry etc) you will live to become someone else. There's no use looking for an essentially "you" part of yourself, because the world changes relentlessly and you have to change with it or you die.

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The world is just janky as hell, that is all

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my public schools experience is morally indefensible. the fact I "got" out doesn't make it like, character building and suddenly OK

It is best to value both presence and money, and prioritize one or the other depending on circumstances. But it is tempting to create an identity around willingness to sacrifice one for the other, and let it calcify.

Ok, I concluded that escaping into the future/past arbitrage that we facilitate through concepts like money, and letting the uniquely present moment consume ans change you, are just two opposing forces that form a balance in the human organism. The human story ends if either prevails to the death of the other.

Clods value "money" over "presence".
Snowflakes value "presence" over "money".

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