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Anti-facial recognition makeup testing at #PCD2019! Modeled by


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@machado @aRandomCat @vgr The Economist ran an article a while back arguing that Western middle class people have increasingly "arranged" (by class, area) marriages while romantic marriages are becoming more popular in countries like India.

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@machado @vgr i feel like the career pressure emerges from deciding not to have children though. The pressure is an emergent aspect of all the peers squeezing for the meaningful jobs rather than top down villainy.

A common pattern i see for the american-born-chinese for example is resentment towards parents disconnecting then from the social norms that pressure them to have children and kick the can of meaning questioning down the road. (they burn out eventually)

@machado @aRandomCat @vgr The Economist ran an article a while back arguing that Western middle class people have increasingly "arranged" (by class, area) marriages while romantic marriages are becoming more popular in countries like India.

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@BruceJia So an adaptive building technique might be - asking the client if a door "reflects their inner self". That is not a cartesian measurement. It's at odds with what many architectures consider to be good practice.

But, Alexander states (and I'm inclined to agree) that if you were to sample a large enough population of people they would agree for the most part about which kinds of doors "reflect their inner self".

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For example, ants or bees represent to authoritarians the ideal social structure with a clearly delineated hierarchy, a set pattern of operation, and the willingness to use force to ensure the survival of the system (e.g guard ants biting worker ants that wander out of line.) Now, I argue that penguins, in particular the emperor penguin, represents stability. It lives in an environment not inhabited by any other macroscopic creature.

Lime slices are the perfect snack. The bitterness of the rinds balances the sourness of the pulp.

The reason it imitates Indian culture so effectively is because Muhammad Abdul-Al-Rahman Barker, its creator, traveled to India on a Fulbright scholarship and became a professor of South Asian studies.

Which languages should linguists study as an 'introductory' language? I've heard that Quechua is recommended.

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"Mastodon culture is good," say people on hour 14 of angrily dunking on a stranger. "It's healthy."

Stability has been one of the most-sought after realities in the world. People desire stability so much they will create (dys)utopian ideals and inflict them on others and themselves. Entire structures have been designed and conflicts maintained solely for the purpose of keeping things 'the way they are'. Now, what animal represents stability? Animals can be useful metaphors for such high level concepts because they represent on a basic lived level what a 'pure' version of an ideal might be like

Art is the cliché example, but it can extend to children raised to their potential, although I have no idea if this really counts as an example, not getting into the if it takes a village to raise a child, what will you get argument.

What makes someone distinct is the body of work they have produced over the years, whether it be objects, the number of changed lives they create, or simply the social structures they have changed. The idea that you consume if you do not produce rings true in that if you merely consume, you will be forgotten in due time and no one will care because you have produced nothing. So what counts as production?

Despite considering going into electrical engineering, I have attended linguistics classes and am currently involved in a linguistics club. There's more to this than 'finding myself' as if I were a discrete unchanging entity. I have actually created a self. Where to go from here?

As I entered high school, I became acutely aware that 'I had no friends!'. So the infection took off and I became obsessed about finding the right set of people to hang around with, as soon as I came to understand that some kids had more power than others. I really wanted to get into their 'inner circle'. It didn't work out. Over the course of several years, I became less interested in my own weird nerdy interests and became focused solely on getting people to like me.

inspired RPG that borrowed extensively from Indian culture, such as the taboo on race/religion jokes, and clans which were a cross between extended family and jati, complete with its own languages and cuisine. I even tried downloading the RPG book on the Mitlanyal, the five gods of the Pantheon and their avatars, but found out there was a paywall.

One major change over the years I noticed in myself was an increasing obsession about connection with others, which is also correlated to my decreasing creativity because I don't want to do or create anything deemed 'weird'. In my childhood, I was comfortable with being alone for hours on end, creating (proto)language and typing up an entire 'book' in all caps about some strange fantasy. Further down the line, I kept being interested in weird topics like Empire of the Petal Throne, an Mughal-...

How do I learn to ask better questions and develop better introspection skills? I ask this because my motivation ebbs and flows, usually dependent on my relations with other people and fear of retaliation for pissing them off. If I'm not motivated, then I fall in to a fixed loop of behavior, making it difficult for me to ask questions or to really think. Asking better questions allows me to orient myself relative to my past self and to others in a way that leads to greater benefits for all.

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