I read in my school's newspaper that a professor suffered emotional impacts when there was a dwindling number of credits because he was passionate about teaching, even though the Univ was looking to retire him. This sounds like textbook Cluelessness.

What sets of ideas have had the greatest _indirect_ impact?

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With that in mind, it's clear his proposed mental defenses against Horse Movements are actually his coping methods for living with schizophrenia day-to-day and not letting it take over his life. A set of mantras to remind himself to set clear boundaries, not care what other people think of him, and to tune out the influence of media and social status.

In that sense, he's actually offering healthy life advice for anyone, it's just phrased as rebellion against the aliens who control reality.

Does Cluelessness correspond to infelicity (irrelevant remarks)?

Can anyone ID the ingredients in this photo:

Fusion cuisines are truly interesting because they show that national cuisines share common ingredients. I support the creation of fusion cuisines, even though the creation of an omnicuisine is impossible. Have some links:



Reading about "The Mundanity of Excellence", I see how most people correlate success with increased _quantitative_ effort. The Clueless internalize this in practice, and the losers disillusion themselves of it. The truly _successful_ practice sociopathically, through qualitative jumps.

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crazy how online has grown to be such a massive overwhelming all-permeating thing that seems so ethereal, yet it's based on very real physical infrastructure that could collapse at any moment

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The trick is to put your life on the line.

The greater trick is in recognizing that your ego thinks it itself is that life.

The greatest trick is in realizing that you are that ego.

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Anyone else have a sense of things moving really fast but also really slow? I wonder if impatience and anxiety are related somehow :/

I feel like big penguin with hollow insides.

St. Patricks day is surprisingly cosmopolitan: Japan to Bosnia.

For some reason I'm willing to give up moralizing but not beauty as a value/sacred cow. Explain?

Active benefits excluded, since morality often isn't practical) seems _harsh_ and alien. It's just blue and orange morality to me. I come from a religious background, so I would lean toward the former if I didn't know it wasn't intellectually not-rigorous. As a compromise, Deidre McCloskey's Bourgeois Virtues attempts to plate morality over the frankly neutralmercenary of the economy, but that seems like too much of a compromise for a science grounded in stats that McCloskey uses

Whether you prefer pragmatism, utilitarianism and Darwinian competition or rituals, beauty and community seems to stem from a STEM-CS vs. Humanities background. Lib Arts seem to not have the dispassionate Scientific Sensibility, which makes it difficult for me as an Engineering major to trust them: "Do you even have knowledge of the processes that keep machines running?" On the other hand, a purely modernist view that is indifferent to beauty and some base form of morality (NBC pragmatic coll..

. By working hard and working to resolve conflicts, Chinese-Anericans would collectively create a good reputation for themselves and lessen the chances of becoming targets of prejudice.

He claims this humility helped save his job. When he was hired by another company, his Director, the head of the department, was away in San Francisco. He came back and asked him l:"You're Chinese, right. My teacher was also Chinese. He's really good at his technology. I want you to act as my intermediary " Because the speaker had such a good reputation at the company and the directors teacher had such a good reputation, the Director associated Chinese people with the positive trait of hard work

Was questioned in a board meeting with the CIOs and the CEOs sitting at the table because the other end had changed something and it resulted in the existing database with all its data being deleted. Rather than blame the software for malfunctioning he acknowledged that it was his fault the software screwed up and said that even though he had worked overnight with his manager watching and finally managed to call Oracle to resolve the issue in question, he would not commit the same error again.

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