I have trouble relating when people describe themselves as not a 'computer person', or otherwise treat computing as some sort of black box magic.

It seems obvious to me that computers and programming knowledge can extend human cognition and agency just as much as reading and math.

I'm sure both those domains were thought of as an academic field unnecessary to the commoner for a long time. I think thats were computing is today.

@zacharius Just consider the time investments that led to you being a computer person, and how much of your life relates to computers and other computer people.

A lot of people just other investment strategies. For example, learning computers would be useful for me if I accepted discarding 90% of my current life, and I don't feel young enough for that.

@zacharius *learning programing. I can at least use basic spreadsheets, making the most computer literate person in my social environment.

@zacharius At this point, learning anything more than the basics of computers is still a waste of time for a lot of people, just like learning more than the basics of literacy and numeracy used to be a waste of time before widespread bureaucracy.


@machado @zacharius With AI that can write its own code, we might not need to learn code for much longer.


@BruceJia @zacharius There are only so many coding jobs in the world.

Given that mainstream tech is mostly following the apple trend of being opaque to the consumer, we should expect computer literacy to decrease, not increase.

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