Some of you may have seen my tweets on beef-only thinking (eg: on twitter, ie people who only seem to be able to do good thinking in the context of conflict, where they're trying to prove someone wrong.

I'm interested in mechanisms of no-beef thinking. Which we can maybe call soy thinking, reclaiming the soyboy slur.

Quality thinking in a non fight-flight context.


@vgr What mechanisms have you uncovered?

@vgr @BruceJia “thinking” feels like loosing an arrow to me, it’s inherently violent in that it seeks to pierce a target. Some alternatives:

- “reflecting”, listening and helping the other give birth to their unborn thoughts.

- trolling, becoming the target and dodging or getting others to shoot each other.

- shoot it straight up in the air and leave it to God.

The dodging is necessary for the listening b/c getting hit activates resentment/revenge protocols and a thirst for blood.

@aRandomCat @vgr Trolling + Dodging could perhaps be construed as a playful way to train beef-only thinking. Sort of like how kittens exercise their hunting reflexes/muscles by pouncing on each other in a safe environment.

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