Looks like Mastodon has every political ideology but Georgism

Anyone know of Georgists to follow?

@moltensteel What about Universal Traditionalism? This ideology argues that traditions of people are generally similar due to the agricultural, plow-based environments most states in the premodern world emerged in, and that any differences are merely the result of unfortunate accumulation of errors over time. This ideology views Universal Tradition as necessary because it binds the human race together, unlike the disparate ethnic, religious and national traditions that divide mankind and...TBC


@moltensteel seeks to create a world-non-Westphalian analog-to-a-state in which Universal Tradition may be safe from its obvious foe, Modernity and its less obvious foes, national, religious and ethnic traditions. It is non-Westphalian because Westphalianism is a modern construct, created at the beginning of the modern era. Think of a world-spanning Holy Roman Empire or a non-colonial British Raj, and you're close to imagining how its administrative structure would work.

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