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Hw would I talk to an sentient animalocaris using an digital interface?

@ben Wiio's law states that communication fails except by accident. Now, the internet provides a chance for what you're writing to match someone else interests

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TIL: > Denormal numbers are numbers where representation would result in an exponent that is below the smallest representable exponent (the exponent usually having a limited range). Such numbers are represented using leading zeros in the significand. > In IEEE 754-2008 binary interchange formats, subnormal numbers are encoded with a biased exponent of 0, but are interpreted with the value of the smallest allowed exponent, which is one greater (i.e., as if it were encoded as a 1). Show more

@twitter It doesn't bend. That would require many lasers

@aRandomCat They know authority is contingent, just trying to hold off until the children become delusional adults

@aRandomCat Well there's always the low grades to wake them up. You failed, accept responsibility

@nindokag Tesla's cars also create a market for electric chargers, a row of which I saw at a hotel

@nindokag My dad said sth similar about how Tesla is a pyramid scheme because it requires investors to keep investing only based on whatever Tesla claims it can do e.g Hyperloop, which would totally disrupt existing businesses and put people out of work.

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