@Bert Mine is eco-traditionalist (Greer,Perry) vs. techno-modernist (Rao,Brin,Jordan Peacock)

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What would your first conscious sentence worth being recorded be if you could go back in your body be?

@Elmkast Proactively responding to it by creating a set of routines is sth I should do but onwards the moving disaster

What is the set of ideas you travelled on to get to metarationality? Mine is John Michael Greer>Dmitri Orlov>Ribbonfarm/Jordan Peacock>here

@KingMob The coincidental similarities between your work and Darren Allen's are striking. A focus on cooperation rather than metacompetition

@aRandomCat On whose part, the DepHeads? Or the heads heads?

@vgr @aRandomCat Do yo think society will be able to break free of that prison, considering it is more subtle than the systems of control of the past?

Would a velociraptor consider penguins prey?

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I'm reading "Help at any cost" and I wonder why the government was incapable of intervening and why these companies continued to make a profit.

@Elmkast does he issue individual ized/multiple copies for tests?

@vgr Including priors about the hypothetical future value systems runs into the same problem communicating to aliens: the recievers may defy your priors. The nanotechnologist Robert Freitas wrote: ". As we know, no system of logic is or can be universal. GΓΆdel’s Theorem suggests that alien systems of mathematics, logic and philosophy necessarily must be at least somewhat incongruent. . So aliens may not understand human-designed artificial languages like Lincos."

@Elmkast @machado @Bert Why can't local US govs create incentives for more infrastructure?

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