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Oh for goodness sake. The reason I couldn't find many recent articles about Interleukin 8 (IL-8) is that they renamed it CXCL8.

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A lack of information problem can hide like a master of disguise. Sometimes it presents as feeling directionless or uninspired.

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Harking back to the Thailand rescue story from last month, this thread (along with the article) offers up the contrasting natures of Silicon Valley's "move fast & break things" approach and a different culture of "move slowly & don't break things" - both schools of thought very useful in building expertise.
Remember the story of the pottery lessons?

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Problem when you want to give a gift:

1. gifts must be somehow superfluous, necessary gifts are alms.
2. good gifts are personal.
3. gifts must be appropriatly priced.

People like giving gifts and for some kind reason they like you more, when they give you a gift.

So maybe you just solve 1-3 for them.

My aunt collects elephant stuff. It's super superfluous, it's super personal and you can get it in every price range. It's just the winning strategy for receiving gifts.

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I made a blog post about running, brunch, the "this is fine" comic, and refusing to let your environment dictate your actions.

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