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Almost every "life hack" is worthless in comparison to the difference a good haircut makes.

I've been running windows on my MBP with boot camp for some time now. it's amazing how everytime I switch back to OSX it seems to have gotten worse. what a joke

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I wouldn't say it's a particularly bad situation for anyone. Most quebecois are very pleased to see immigrants speaking their language even if poorly. most immigrants that I deal with have very bad english so they would still face a language barrier in ROC/America. My two main takeaways:

1. You can force people to speak your language (through policy) but it's much harder to get them to talk *like you*

2. I feel like I'm witnessing firsthand how sub-publics/subcultures form. Cool!

It's like, the only reason 90% of the store is even speaking french is bc Law 101 was voted in by this kind of (nationalist) person! Yet they remain so difficult to understand bc most immigrant french practice takes place *within* an immigrant setting/context!

The store I work at is in a very immigrant heavy neighborhood. People from all over - carribean, S asia, russia, latin america, you name it. Lot of business goes on in English, French and occasionally other languages. At this point I'm somewhat functional speaking french but I mostly speak with people who have also learned it in adulthood (as I have.)

So it's a particular kind of absurdity when a Quebecois™️ comes into the store and I can barely understand them.

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Exceedingly rare to find a talk about programming that draws on both Christopher Alexander and James C. Scott, two authors that I keep coming back to myself.

Even better that it uses them to explain why the Design Patterns failed, something that I also feeled but couldn't really put my finger on—I always thought this is just a silly thing that Java people do—and how they could be better.

summer job + biking means I'm physically active around 40+ hours a week. The uptick in appetite is fucking insane

There is something deeply depressing about people who, when encountering a problem in their life, punt said problem 6 months into the future and feel like they've figured it out.

I bet properly bilingual students do this a lot. Four page report on mitochondria due tomorrow? You bet someone's already done one in German, Arabic, Chinese, etc. Takes was less time to translate than to do the report properly, and it's literally untraceable.

I'm not a particularly good translator, so the sentences are often a bit clunky. Not enough that it's obvious I think

Can translation be plagiarism?

Several times for a class I've written reports (in english) on things which were primarily documented in french. Sometimes I find myself essentially just translating a few paragraphs from FR to EN, moving a sentence or two around, and sending it.

I really do not understand why more people don't speak up in class.

My worst quality is that it take an enormous amount of effort for me to read and return a library book without physically damaging it. I think I've broken the spine, folded dozens of pages, and gotten coffee on every single book I've ever read in my life.

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@Elmkast On a more serious note, the dynamics of dissociation are very supportive of the Self being fluid, modular, and context dependent. Identity is just a very simplified interface.

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the Soul has never been a compelling idea to me, but now I have a proper response. deep down, behind the person, behind whirring processers in the brain, is Void. now that's something the rocks and trees don't have!!

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