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Almost every "life hack" is worthless in comparison to the difference a good haircut makes.

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@Elmkast both sides, as in republicans and democrats are equally bad, you mean? Hmmm, here's a few thoughts:

- incumbents of both parties support gerrymandering

- the drug war, a terrible policy, is bipartisan

- endless involvement in wars in the middle east, including extrajudicially drone-assassinating people, is sadly bipartisan

movements to end drug prohibition and gerrymandering are all coming from bottom-up state-level nonpartisan initiatives, since neither party will lead

In your opinion, what is an actual "both sides" issue right now?

Mastodon has been an interesting experience for me. I am minute-by-minute still far more invested in twitter, but I have yet to overcome a kind of tweeting-shyness. Mastodon is more of a safe space. I like a lot of the people here, and I feel comfortable being open knowing that even if I say some dumb shit, it's cool.

Part of my problem with twitter is that my mutuals are split in thirds between Online Life - Old Life - New Life which is very awkward

Is macaron an authoritarian Socialist or authoritarian capitalist? Never find out on this episode of Twitter

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these motherfuckers are named after a website 😂😂😂 lmao

look guys if you don't know anything about Europe, please just abstain from making ridiculous inferences. The situation is complicated enough

"wait I thought macron was good"

"I wouldn't trade universal healthcare for 31k median household income"

both things I just read in a real group chat. I want to die

Everyone talking about the French protests is triggering me so hard. Jfc

What happens when there is nothing left to redistribute?

I'm resentful towards any kind of upper-middle-class posturing or signaling in my extended family. Partially bc I am much closer to the members of my family who struggle financially, than to those with big-shot jobs

Mentioned to my mom in a whatsapp message that I thought it was really gross how a bunch of our family members were posting testimonials to HW just bc they went to a dinner party with him like twice 30 years ago. And she got mad at me? And I'm not sure why? She doesn't even like him?

By "I am quite comfortable exercising social shame", I should have phrased that as "quite willing". Comfortable is not really how I feel

Needless to say, I do feel torn between these two *extremely broad* social groups and divisions can feel really bad for everyone involved. I do not *enjoy* losing respect for people when they say something un-woke. Still happens though. Kind of a lot

That being said, I could also sit down at a table of people playing MtG/DnD/WoW and get along with them too. That's also kind of my world. Guys with vaguely untrimmed beards, displaying too many fantasy books in their apartment, and little sexual experience. Often these are pretty nice guys!

When one of them says something right-leaning or resentful or women though, I bail. Cut off ties, not interested at all. I am quite comfortable exercising social shame.

It's hard for me to orient myself in the culture war landscape. On the one hand, I have zero resentment towards SJW-types. I mostly agree with what they say, but I'm not particularly emotionally tied up in it. I don't really understand things like non-binary or being transsexual, but I've found myself in the position of defending these people within my friend groups. Lack of resentment, lack of attachment, and also it's easy for me to gel within their social groups.

Kind of depressed after going through Notch's timeline. The alt-right death spiral many young men seem to be falling into is so sick. So much resentment of liberal sjw-leaning social circles. But why? And is there a way to interrupt the cycle of "they hate me bc of my anti-sjw beliefs" (rightfully so) -> digging in heels with trolling/altright ideology -> "oh now people are calling me a nazi" -> more social isolation.

Obviously not meaning Notch himself - that guy can go fuck off.

wait a close friend got me beat at two months. that's wild. I had to constantly be looking for new stuff and he just cycles the same 20 playlists

By a month I mean 31 days x 24 hours x 60 = 44k minutes.

I listened to over a month of music on spotify this year. Holy fucking christ lmao

(and you'd probably retain the information better)

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