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Almost every "life hack" is worthless in comparison to the difference a good haircut makes.

i've listened to tame impala - currents about 6 times today start to finish.

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a scenic shot from a few weeks ago

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cars have turned every city into a polluted space wasting hellscape but they also make it so i dont have to sit next to a poor person on the bus so its impossible to say if theyre bad or not

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@Elmkast it has that doubly offensive quality of being both ultra racist and a huge distraction from the million legitimate issues that face the province.

this bill 21 bullshit is supremely depressing. what a colossal waste of time and energy, and a stain on the province internationally

I generally try to spend 95% of my time around people who care about life. But that 5% where I knowingly indulge in the presence of people who just don't give a's a relief. There's a place for it, maybe

I ask because most (good) things in my life right now demand a level of emotional and cognitive intensity that I'm not always capable of. When it's good, it's good... but I have to be careful.

One dumb thing that "helps" is playing video games with friends. When you're deep into 3 games of LoL, existence starts to feel pretty benign and blah. Talking on discord with my friend's collegiate esports teammates who laugh about reddit memes and call ppl "soyboys". Ah, the modest pleasures in life

How do you manage intensity in your life?

(this is a purposefully vague question, go with it where you will)

Starting biking and now half the city feels 15 minutes away. I love it.

he could always make the exam extra hard, assuming that people will crowdsource their studying but then ppl who are socially isolated will have to do like 5x as much work!

have a feeling prof will be pissed if he finds out like 10 ppl from the class have a google doc going around with answers to every question he put on the exam review...but its not technicalyl breaking rules so..

Seems like I'm slowing "discovering" the 70s. Joni Mitchell had a great run then, so did Neil. Only took me 22 years to listen to Pink Floyd btw. And a couple prog-rock bands (Renaissance, for one) find their way in my rotation often enough.

(not to mention there are several amazing turkish bands from the 70s)

to a lot of ppl, birdsite IS the world. pretty pathetic/depressing

the thing that is driving me insane about Twitter today is "it's a historical calamity that people are morning all over the world"

yeah shows how much you leave your house. are you really going to contest the fact that most people simply don't care that much, or at all?

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Well I was still proud of myself But I wasn't going home. Got in on some after party action then biked home on empty downtown streets drunk. Serendipity hit my hard today. I appreciate it 🙏

Had the best of both worlds tonight. There was a big party a bunch of my friends were going to, but I had to stay home and work on an assignment that was due at midnight. Spent 6 hours in my apartment working like a madman, went downtown at 11:30 to hand it in. Was feeling pretty proud of myself as I was about to go back home...until I heard some familiar voices down the hallway.

and oh boy do I have some horror stories from friends in various automotive plants in Michigan. Union folks are suuuuuuuper racist and very petty and often bad at their jobs. Oh well jeez I guess they're here to stay.

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