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Almost every "life hack" is worthless in comparison to the difference a good haircut makes.

Being immobile for long periods of time feels bad. Pretty much always. People who can stay in bed for hours and not lose their mind have alien brains I think

Lighter topic - one thing I cannot understand is people who talk about "being in bed all day".

I'm sure that I do equally lazy things but...I am both mentally and physically uncomfortable sitting on or laying on my bed outside of when I'm sleeping.

Mentally uncomfortable because I feel lazy.

Physically uncomfortable because few activities are actually suited to lying down. Am I going to read holding a book over my head like an idiot? Or prop up on pillows and let my back muscles atrophy?

Hmm deleted my tweet about journalists as the timing is in bad taste. Also, I'm not 100% sure I believe what I said.

A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead is probably the richest and most compelling piece of art I've experienced post-trump

Anyone else's home timeline super broken?

québécois really is the final form of french. all the extra sounds pitch inflections words and idioms add so much to an otherwise dead boring language

@machado hey i remember you sent me some Portuguese music a while back and I can't find the toot. do you remember what it was?

Doing some heavy procrastinating by watching interview with different middle eastern heads of state. One kind of funny thing is how often they start a response with "well, thats a very difficult problem. very difficult."

Am I wrong or do we rarely do that here...

all of my most satisfying relationships(romantic or otherwise) have clear boundaries that *slowly* open up as the relationship matures. these are also my longest lasting relationships. it's a great model! why rush things

do I have an unhealthy fear of intimacy or does everyone else have an unhealthy obsession with it

group chats are so much fun. texting is still horrible. please don't text me. but invite me to group chats!

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@Elmkast while block chain is overrated, rating it at 0 or even negative is no closer to the truth. Clearly a bubble has popped and a lot of riff raff have closed up shop. Perhaps now is the only time we’ve seen a glimpse at the correct value of blockchain. Underwhelming but legit.

we are collectively drinking too much coffee and not enough kratom

I have the same problem with writing that I have for most creative projects. I need to output 3-4 times more than I actually need, in order to whittle down a big pile of shit into something good.

Example: I'm handing in an assignment tomorrow that contains 10 drawings. I've done closer to 30. That's a huge amount of time spent on drawings that were unused.

Does anyone keep up with domestic russia news that can recommend a low-bullshit anglo resource?

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What are situations in which “expensive” is not necessarily better?

My professor called the bus and metro systems the "two solitudes" and didn't get a single laugh. Tough crowd.

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