People who live comfortable (two cars, a house) in rural america like "it isn't that bad!"

well no shit you fucking idiot

I have yet to see a level of poverty in a city that comes CLOSE to the level that I've seen in, say, 6-8 different small american towns.

It's completely fucking inhumane and I see so many people just drive past literal slums in their new 2 door sedan like "well life moves a little slowly down here don't it, we're modest but we're happy"


A lot of urbanites don't talk about small towns, I mean a lot of them have no reason to go there. What's to talk about.

But their understanding of how bad things are is actually optimistic.

This is why I got upset at this SF asshole on twitter a few nights ago talking about how "rural america" "makes your food" so "don't lecture them"

Go fuck yourself. People here would pay an arm and a leg to move to a coastal city. (Not the upper class of course, they're enjoying themselves quite a lot)

@Elmkast One thing few people acknowledge is that being down on your luck in a small town is not an anonymous experience. That has an enormous impact on your options to recover economic viability.

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