Taking care of elderly parents presents so many problems to be solved. My grandfather got a serious infection around Christmas, which led to his partner basically calling it quits bc he's been using her as a live-in nurse for many years now. He's kind of an asshole.

As is often the case though, asshole parents are still loved, and now like 5 of his children (out of 9 lol) are scrambling to get him moved across the country, arrange for getting a pacemaker, etc... it's such a goddamn mess.

My mom sent out an email this morning to many family members describing the situation in detail and their plan. It ends on a foreboding note:

"I have put this out in a matter of fact manner knowing that this house of cards can fall at any time."

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I am moderately worried about his health - honestly his relationship falling apart is the more serious issue as he no longer has a place to live.

But I am seriously worried about this creating a rift in the family. Some of my Mom's siblings (like herself) are going above and beyond to take care of him. And 2-3 are basically like "lmao fuck him".

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He was a pretty terrible parent in many ways. That's just being fair. But whose to say that he should die alone, without dignity? Is this how we take care of family?

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Nobody is asking for my opinion on the matter, of course. 😆 (not that they should)

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@Elmkast If it helps, as far as I can tell it is _always_ a shitshow.

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