based on a quick Google search, these are the symptoms of dissociation. just doing some casual introspection here but it's interested how many of these I experience in a *positive* way

I found this going through old word documents on my computer. I'm not sure what I wrote it for, maybe some kind of cover lever. Feeling a bit weird reading it now...

like this was the funniest and also enraging thing on twitter yesterday

are you a fucking adult or what man? like is this not the real world? if you write dumbass papers you should be putting your neck on the LINE. getting your feelings hurt is part of the job.

My favorite house, needless to say, was the $2000 one in detroit. That house has so much LIFE and my cousin and his wife are grabbing life by the balls and running with it. Respect.

Their kitchen setup is totally badass.

There was also a period of several weeks where this meme got reposted in some variation almost daily. Why? I'm not sure but it was funny.

Fun fact: "millet", the name for the legally protected minority groups in the Ottoman Empire, has many uses in modern Turkish.

This is a photo I took this afternoon of the Baptist church near my parent's house.

Book of Durrow carpet page, created sometime around years 650-700

This tweet was the catalyst for an evolving conversation that I've been having with myself recently. It's a difficult one but so necessary.

Currently reading - it's excellent so far.

Really drives home why I love this city so much - the language. Not fr in isolation but the way fr&en mingle, fight and inspire each other. Among with many other languages as well ;)

I would uhh, never say this out loud, but I'm learning that speaking French (or at least making a sincere effort) is a really good litmus test for interestingness among out of towners. People who don't care are blind

I am in love with this Bing Thom book. Any DC areas folks who have been to the Arena Stage theatre?

Ok, it wasn't *that* bad. They could have done way worse.

Groningen seems to have a weirdly high density of world class artists

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