@strangeattractor Thanks for sharing your perspective. I'm not 😅 remotely experienced enough to make generalized statements about these things but I do anyway

@strangeattractor The hardest nut to crack seems to be creating a healthcare system that *feels* good to use. Being objectively effective is actually a simpler task! I think in most industries it's the other way around.

@riga That's what I've heard. I'm realizing that it's hard to make broad generalizations of canada as things are so province specific

also if it wasn't clear I've had v good family doctors a phone call away with insurance for most of my life so going to a walk in clinic and waiting 3 hours is going to seem like hell no matter how you sell it

first impressions of Canadian Healthcare VS US

in the US a lot of people get really good care and a lot of ppl have their lives destroyed by lack of care / debt

in QC no one suffers from the worst case scenario, or even close, but seems to be a very high level of dissatisfaction among among various income brackets.

objectively I know that the second scenario is much much better, but it's still weird

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Part of the issue really is that using trauma to radicalize people has become a common political move

In general I think social media is pretty good. However days like today illustrate a big problem with the medium, that of spreading highly infectious trauma

@nindokag "A lot of "smart kids" go nowhere because "I'm smart" is not a growth mindset."

This is a really interesting insight, thanks!

Watched Alex jones go on a crazy rant and he ended it with "god knows everything except where god came from" and it's been stuck with me all day.

@machado @kureshii I'm not sure if I've ever really done that. If I feel cooped up (as in, sick of being inside) I make up a reason to go outside. Go get some coffee, do a menial errand, walk to a park...

@machado Like why do it? I do it when I start to feel cooped up. Do you not experience that feeling?

I need to marry someone who loves to haggle. Not that people really haggle in North America, but that general mindset would do wonders for my wardrobe 😐

The life skill that I'm probably the worst at is shopping. I have bought things that were too expensive and/or poorly fitting just to get out of the store sooner.

Also when it comes to clothing I often don't know the terminology well enough to even ask for what I'm looking for.

@strangeattractor Yeah, when people say "everything is on the internet" I slightly eye-roll 😆

Urban planning is full of un-google able question. You almost have to call an office to get a somewhat accurate answer.

Example: What is the minimum lot size for a housing development in the Montreal borough of Ville-Marie?

@vgr I make electronic music that other people very rarely hear but that doesn't seem very domestic.

I know very few people who have a hobby like you are describing, which is kind of sad.

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