I bet properly bilingual students do this a lot. Four page report on mitochondria due tomorrow? You bet someone's already done one in German, Arabic, Chinese, etc. Takes was less time to translate than to do the report properly, and it's literally untraceable.

I'm not a particularly good translator, so the sentences are often a bit clunky. Not enough that it's obvious I think

Can translation be plagiarism?

Several times for a class I've written reports (in english) on things which were primarily documented in french. Sometimes I find myself essentially just translating a few paragraphs from FR to EN, moving a sentence or two around, and sending it.

@Bert my experience has been that those who are comfortable speaking up are frequently wrong and suffer no real consequences for it!


That's not even the kind of student I'm annoyed by! More like:

- doesn't miss a single class
- furiously note-taking the whole class
- will get an A or B on final

teacher: PLEASE tell me what you THINK. PLEASE


I really do not understand why more people don't speak up in class.

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My worst quality is that it take an enormous amount of effort for me to read and return a library book without physically damaging it. I think I've broken the spine, folded dozens of pages, and gotten coffee on every single book I've ever read in my life.

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@Elmkast On a more serious note, the dynamics of dissociation are very supportive of the Self being fluid, modular, and context dependent. Identity is just a very simplified interface.

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the Soul has never been a compelling idea to me, but now I have a proper response. deep down, behind the person, behind whirring processers in the brain, is Void. now that's something the rocks and trees don't have!!

no matter how strongly I am Elliot (boy I'm feeling weird just seeing my name written out) in appearance and behavior and presentation at the end of the day the human brain is a supercomputer and there is far more going on above and below the surface than Whatever Person I Am Socially

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