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2018 was the year I realized that I can be a high-functioning, very focused person if I choose to be. It's a little unnerving, to be honest

Comparisons with the US are more often than not, fundamentally *about* the US because everything about this country is just fucking weird.

Canada at this point broadly represents an international status-quo. Things like healthcare, social norms, and politics are not that different from their AUS/UK/NZ/someEU equivalents.

I'm finding it much more useful to compare thing about foreign countries I read online to their Canadian rather than American equivalent.

during first half of macbeth: damn I should read some english lit, this is pretty cool

during second half of macbeth: can this be fucking over good lord

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'Giveaway' videos are fascinating. What's being commodified is excitement about the apparent suspension of the normal laws of the market economy. But ultimately, those laws are upheld. The generated excitement is leveraged as brand enhancement for the producer and/or their advertising clients. Not only that, the flow of money is upheld as the ultimate, purest spectacle.

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The indignities of traveling via LGA bring to mind this question: has there been a shoe bomber since the original one?

For al Qaeda, the cost-benefit ratio must have been better than 9/11.

this is honestly why i still do it. i have no aspirations for a music career or working in m. engineering.

but it keeps me creatively sharp, and excited about life

listening to my favorite music that ive made over the years has pulled me out of MANY a depressive episode

and maybe (C.) he isn't even appealing to an educated ivy-league upper middle class (which would still be annoying but make more sense), just some shitheads getting paid sacks of money to burn the planet down.

My younger brother (15) is obsessed with signaling upper middle class. His school friends are all, I'm not exaggerating, the children of oil barons. He dresses immaculately, gets straight As, and won't leave the house in anything but Nike apparel. (still not exaggerating) (idk why my parents buy that shit for him)

This is uncomfortable for me bc (A.) my parents are the least class-conscious people I know and (B.) My sister and I never went through an equivalent phase.

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"Christmas is a time of year" but said like "We live in a society"

I feel bad for people who don't have siblings.

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Cars and houses. Obsessed with those two things. And also never satisfied!

Back in ye ol small town USA with my family. Forgot how much middle/uppermiddle SES culture is here is just talking about, buying, renovating, and selling houses. This country is so goddamn DOMESTIC

Like, I don't not care about violent leftists bc I've reasoned out some sort of logical defense. I don't care bc they are, in a broad sense, on my side! I want my side to win!

Yet, you say something like this and people get uncomfortable. They have a mental image of themselves as rational and peaceful. Admitting that they are on a side in a war breaks the illusion.

For example, I think people trying develop some kind of broad social media platform "code of ethics" when it comes to deplatforming are just in denial.

We have the opportunity to deplatform right wingers with practically zero consequences. We don't have to justify how it's fair. We should just do it!

A very 2018 thing: people looking at a war and going "this is a problem which can be solved with logic and ethics and mostly everyone will be happy"

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