Would anybody here like to practice improv?

I've recently learned about discord and realized that the group voice chat is the perfect place to do some improv comedy online. I was really surprised it's not a thing yet, so I've made a server:


Come join us! You don't have to be good at this, English doesn't need to be your first language, socially awkward people are welcome! (I am one)

If you'd like to chat and make up some funny scenes - come have fun with us!

Just hear the great term "Narrative Basin of Attraction"

I.E. sex and violence are both narrative basins of attraction

People think they have 20/20 hindsight. Actually most hindsight conclusions are just another theory that hasn't been tested against reality yet.

the United States makes three things well: software, entertainment, and weapons.

The new Opportunity Zone tax laws allow for a lot of tax-minimization for the rich investor.

"It might be a consequence of the hookup culture, of . . . economic pressures, of surging anxiety rates, of psychological frailty, of . . .antidepressant use, of . . . television, of . . . estrogens leaked by plastics, dropping testosterone levels, of digital porn, of . . . vibrator’s . . . of dating apps, of option paralysis, of helicopter parents . . . of smartphones . . . Name a modern blight, and someone . . . is ready to blame it for messing with the modern libido."


Hot take: pretentiousness has an up-or-out trajectory. In young adulthood you either learn to stop taking yourself so seriously or become committed to being an unbearable ass.

The Wall Street Journal has become "Rich Kids of Instagram" for old people.

On information superhighway you compare vendors, with big data vendors compare YOU!

in days of information super highway you had pictures of clouds on your desktop, with big data cloud has pictures of your desktop on it!

City folk, or anyone who grows up in a high density culture are used to and act at higher tempos than country folk.

Downside is a higher metabolic need for meaning. Like a sword thirsting for blood or a gun in a story that begs to be used.

“I/me” constructs are useful tools for ratcheting up tempo because at their core they can’t be satisfied. They provide a sense of north but isn’t “true” north.

“Original sin” glorifies a single direction so that the mind can be put on zombie autopilot.

Capsule Reviews Of Movies My Toddler Wanna Watch Over And Over: My Neighbor Totoro

There's never a scene where an adult disbelieves a kid that magical creatures live in the woods. Of COURSE there are forest spirits, the divine is just part of everyday life! It's a deeply Shinto worldview

Rewatching gives me nostalgia for when I got into anime, separate nostalgia for when I lived in rural Japan, AND it's about father-daughter relationships and now I'm sharing it with my daughter. So many FEELS!

Motivation overload is often a more stressful experience than motivation deficiency

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Whenever I see people who obviously work far harder than me (I’m in a 10-20h week I’d say, with a few big spike weeks in a year) but earn far less, I realize I have no clue how the economy works. Apparently I’m nearly an order of magnitude more valuable than an honest service worker working 40h/week at minimum wage.

Smart contracts are better off compared to Postgres db with stored procedures than distributed Rails/Django apps.

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