@BruceJia @Harry_Pottash on flexible time, many deadbeats I know are quite flexible.

On fitness, I myself am relatively fit among my peers (where tummies are regular features). It does up my inner game, but I'm not sure it's a status symbol.


@ykgoon @BruceJia
Flex time is a "barber pole" status symbol... Having it either signals very low or very high depending on other status. (Ironically the same is true for "very busy" with identical paramiters)

fitness is a _huge_ status symbol. Unless you have lived both sides of it you can't even imagine the sort of experience change you are getting on the other side.
It probably follows a diminishing returns pattern as you get away from "average"

@Harry_Pottash @BruceJia perhaps you're right about fitness and I've been oblivious to people's perception.

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