@ykgoon wouldn't that demand near perfect simulation of the world and others in it as well?

@riga I agree so deeply.
it's painful to see how intensely your own side is blinded

@KingMob @vgr never with a stage manager magician.

it's pretty standard with ritual magicians ( see 4chan meme magic and witches against Trump for examples from last election)

@octesian stop being vengeful in anything but game theoretical ways


@nindokag DC is more efficient by a little... mostly though it's about how high you get the voltage.

ac is WAY easier to build voltage converters for. so this is one of the rare cases where you don't have many places drawing off the lines and it is a really long haul.

@machado how far did you get? I played once ages ago and got stock on Earth

@ykgoon I mean, I do think that's worth thinking about. also what that means in terms of violence and coercion

@ykgoon agree though I would call it "engagement" rather than reach.

I don't think you are cutting your ages at the right points thought... and I totally don't think we will have a crypto / block chain / decentralized age.

crypto currency is a really good and useful new thing... but it's also a sort of small incremental improvement that mostly helps prevent bad failure modes.

best guess is next age is AI, and will be about finding super effective natural world niches

@vgr carpentry.

I built a few bits of our furniture, though I'm just getting started and not very good at cabinetry yet

@shiva arguably "the stars my destination". not sure it has the take you want on teleportation.

meta physics question 

@Elmkast this runs into some deep semantic issues as well as issues on the limits of human knowledge.

it can be sidestepped by referring to things everything and exciting the "unmanifest" which is actually a pretty powerful concept.

@ykgoon @BruceJia
Flex time is a "barber pole" status symbol... Having it either signals very low or very high depending on other status. (Ironically the same is true for "very busy" with identical paramiters)

fitness is a _huge_ status symbol. Unless you have lived both sides of it you can't even imagine the sort of experience change you are getting on the other side.
It probably follows a diminishing returns pattern as you get away from "average"

family troubles 

I suppose in a way that's good news.

I would say that the next step for you is probably to get a "debt negotiator"
It's pretty effective, but also a situation where you want to be kind of careful about who you work with.

@machado i mean, a town should exist as long as people want to live there, because forced relocation would be bad.

From a free-market perspective, the government shouldn't spend any money keeping small towns on life-support.

From a democratic socialist perspective, maybe it's worth picking an economically sub-optimal policy to preserve a way of life that people enjoy.

Ironically, those small towns in the USA mostly vote for the party with the free-market policies that are killing them.

@Elmkast Speaking as an econ major, I’m sad to report that imho the best reason to learn economics is to learn how its assumptions and ideal scenarios don’t match up with observed reality.

Also, In climate where we’re told to leave the running of things to the experts, there’s also a certain brutal clarity of vision in asking things like “my parent’s generation had houses at my age, why don’t we have houses?”. Naive, concrete questions can cut through layers of complex ideological obfuscation.

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