@vgr are you going to put that in the predictions thread?

@riga "I saw the best minds of my generation wasted on online advertising"


I think this mostly happens to people who dislike themselves. they use others to hide from themselves, but gradually that stops working with any individual.

escaping this tap isn't about finding a better other person, but about finding a better self.

Would anybody here like to practice improv?

I've recently learned about discord and realized that the group voice chat is the perfect place to do some improv comedy online. I was really surprised it's not a thing yet, so I've made a server:


Come join us! You don't have to be good at this, English doesn't need to be your first language, socially awkward people are welcome! (I am one)

If you'd like to chat and make up some funny scenes - come have fun with us!

@riga I agree, can't figure out the appeal. but then I guess I'm no longer young enough to be hip and with it

@alper really? why? because you are sure you have it worse? for the record I'm on the category that you have no compassion for.

article seems weak to me.

the market has always been prone to react in strange ways or to not react at all, and is more about post hoc explanations.

the Senate has grumbled and then fallen in line with Trump every time

the courts are so slow that give the typical tenure of a trump appointment his new guy will have quite or been fired already before the slow wheels of Justice do anything

@vgr I plan on doing some but usually only start in on that project last minute (intentionally) is going to be interesting this year with the new baby

@vgr I"m going to shove this onto my kindle and have a look

@riga hmm, maybe... unless you are writing "glue" code between several existing libraries and projects.

you did say probably, so that is fair

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Just hear the great term "Narrative Basin of Attraction"

I.E. sex and violence are both narrative basins of attraction

People think they have 20/20 hindsight. Actually most hindsight conclusions are just another theory that hasn't been tested against reality yet.

@vgr by education you mean University, because our k-12 is terrible

@aRandomCat @machado
For me, at least, it's a totally distinct emotion. I have found that emotions are, for me, a lot like food-flavors. There are a small number of strong dominant ones, much like sweet / salty / sour ( Happy / Angry / Sad )
and a massive array of subtle ones (in taste this role is played by smell )

And, as with flavors, they can all occur simultaneously. Gratitude is it's own flavor... it usually comes next to "happy" or with a sudden drop in "fear" (relief)

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