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City folk, or anyone who grows up in a high density culture are used to and act at higher tempos than country folk.

Downside is a higher metabolic need for meaning. Like a sword thirsting for blood or a gun in a story that begs to be used.

“I/me” constructs are useful tools for ratcheting up tempo because at their core they can’t be satisfied. They provide a sense of north but isn’t “true” north.

“Original sin” glorifies a single direction so that the mind can be put on zombie autopilot.

Capsule Reviews Of Movies My Toddler Wanna Watch Over And Over: My Neighbor Totoro

There's never a scene where an adult disbelieves a kid that magical creatures live in the woods. Of COURSE there are forest spirits, the divine is just part of everyday life! It's a deeply Shinto worldview

Rewatching gives me nostalgia for when I got into anime, separate nostalgia for when I lived in rural Japan, AND it's about father-daughter relationships and now I'm sharing it with my daughter. So many FEELS!

Motivation overload is often a more stressful experience than motivation deficiency

Question Bank 

Whenever I see people who obviously work far harder than me (I’m in a 10-20h week I’d say, with a few big spike weeks in a year) but earn far less, I realize I have no clue how the economy works. Apparently I’m nearly an order of magnitude more valuable than an honest service worker working 40h/week at minimum wage.

Smart contracts are better off compared to Postgres db with stored procedures than distributed Rails/Django apps.

I honestly had no idea that Post-Meritocracy was a thing:

It feels so weird to me that I have to forcefully suspend my opinion until I read up more. I imagine this is what most christians feel like when they meet a satanist.

The biggest bank robbery in Dutch history ... 

Some more reactions to Eve:

I am convinced that the game is a teaching tool for socialism. It sets up a world of pure capitalism and no laws, and then tells us to look at the results. Sociopaths form fiefdoms and wage war on each other without stop. More sociopaths prey on newcomers with scams that others document as warnings. Even more sociopaths have fun suicide-ganking people who think they're safe.

The libertarian utopia!

«Saudi government recently granted citizenship to a female robot. That robot has been able to do things in public that Saudi women, actual human ones, are forbidden from doing. And that's a great example of what happens when you don't believe in real people»

can anyone help me understand why canning wasn't discovered until the 1800s? it can be done with neolithic technology, is similar to brewing, and still is a good guess even with bad models of the world ( e.g. evil spirits cause food spoiling)

All charts eventually look like another chart given enough time and where you crop it.

The Scent of Bad Psychology 

“my place in the status-phere.” As he put it, “What motivates me now, when I don’t have ‘getting rich’ to hold up in front of me, or ‘getting famous’ to hold up in front of me?” -- Jim Carrey

I really love the word "status-phere"

Idle thought:
There are a number issues that are national in scope, but primarily belong to urban areas. Normally we would count on the federal government to coordinate these issues, but it is largely locked up in the red/blue (rural / urban) divide.

It seems like a body that coordinated, and perhaps had some legislative power over just the cities (which are all pretty much blue) would be very useful.

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