all models are right, but some are more right than others

I wish my mind was as fresh as in deep work the very moment I emerge from my sleep

I could elaborate, sure, but coming from someone who spent more time coming up with mental models and processes than actually implementing them, more meaning compression results in less/smaller words, which result in the end in more

write a motivational book, but it's just one white sheet with 4 toots on it

holy mackerel all those pearls mikseri got

now that I am being paid to work on ML stuff, where's my THIRD EYE ACTIVATION at

if meditation doesnt cut it for you, look into the inner game of tennis and the alexander technique instead

in that light, the "just do it" bullshit shove into our throats make sense

getting things done is attentions, attentions all the way down

dont try to will yourself out of your bed, just remember you have joints, roll on your belly, and make each step of the process an end into itself

dont ask for more willpower, ask for better attention

beatmatching as a metaphor for synchronizing your Aionic imagination / inner track with the tune of external reality/Chronos through opportunistic Kairos

is it possible to mix 2 tracks of different BPMs so as to engineer polyrhythm out of them? asking in the context of live mixing and mashups

recursively applied with the feynmann method, rewording everything down to their first principles, this can be an effective, albeit costly in time, problem solving technique

for example, turning 'initiative' into 'initiaction' better conveys proactivity imo, because of 'initial action'

here's a morsel: sometimes things make way better sense when you come up with your own words to describe it

I gained way too many followers lately. Now I feel like I have to drown you in insight porn to keep you

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