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Politics is not just for the mid-terms! If you have been energised/radicalised and are looking for some way to continue helping, ProgCode ( are a group of progressive coders and non-coders, working on tech for political change.

You don't need to be a coder to join, there's lots of ways for people of any background to help out, just fill out the registration form and get involved!

My own project, Wobbly (21st century worker's power), has been massively helped by ProgCode

My main failing as a developer is I take it very personally when it doesn't work

I'm not stressed out mate, really, I just long for the gentle caress of sleep, and I curse the cruel slap of the morning light

What I most love about the idea of NDA is that they imply that their information is so valuable that I'm going to instantly steal it. But all the ones I've signed have been pretty useless

I almost knocked a woman over this morning because I was distracted by a fast car going down my street that went "VROOOM" so I had to go "vrooom!" back

I rarely wish I was more of a nerd, but I just pulled something out of my skin and I wish I had a microscope so I could look at it in more detail

There's no point trying to change someone's mind with rational discussion.

1. Rational discussion only works on someone who is reasonable and intelligent.
2. If they were reasonable and intelligent, they'd already agree with me.

I know it's Disney and it's evil or whatever, but you gotta give em this: baby yoda is cute as hell

I've been wracked with cold this week, and it's driven me back to using a pillow again. The flat bed life was blocking my nasal passages

Well, it's 40 minutes until the deadline for the radical engineers expression of interest, and I've written nothing. Time for a frenzy of writing, in which I predict that this tech project will "create workplace unions that are ten to a hundred times more powerful than at present"

Do I mean 10-100 in that passage? Or do I mean 10^100 ? You'll have to give me volunteer developer time to find out...

I'm so emotionally mature, that when people say "be the bigger person", they mean me, a marauding giant, eating cattle in one gulp as I rampage across the countryside, in terms of emotional maturity

6 weeks from now it's a Corbyn government or we all join plan C again

sometimes ya gotta hand it to the AV Club: well done. you tricked me into watching Jenny Slate's stand up special, hope you're proud of yourselves.


Very glad that as soon as I started to get paid to look at computers, the act of doing so became a literal pain in the neck. This is worse than the black lung

They should just be like me and be 26 instead of fucking 62. Then maybe everybody could just you know


The remaniacs and the brexiteers man... Collective nightmare. I think they've displaced their fear of death onto the nation's foreign policy. Unreal

They should have been cool like me and not have been registered to vote at the time

I'm reading an article about problematic halloween costumes, and one of the examples used, alongside "indian chief" and "mexican", is "samurai ninja".

I've never heard that one before. Is it japanese people who would be upset if a white person dressed as a ninja? Because from reading some quora answers, the japanese-americans seem to think it's as offensive as dressing up as a medieval knight or King Arthur or something

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