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Politics is not just for the mid-terms! If you have been energised/radicalised and are looking for some way to continue helping, ProgCode ( are a group of progressive coders and non-coders, working on tech for political change.

You don't need to be a coder to join, there's lots of ways for people of any background to help out, just fill out the registration form and get involved!

My own project, Wobbly (21st century worker's power), has been massively helped by ProgCode

Production for profit is done by..

"control of the state is one prize amongst many"

Say this obviously true thing to a member of the Labour Party and you can really spin them out

Free gift for everyone in these times:
Catch-up call --> Ketchup call

@kawaiipunk What was the 2d matrix thing that CCC used for their Congress? I'm considering suggesting that ACORN use something like it for the May conference

Get ready for the discourse in 3 months when boomers have been vaccinated and they're going on holiday and out to restaurants and the millennials and gen z have to stay inside

it's going to be pretty fucking bad

I have been on a real space adventure with my friend, and only part of it was learning how to use the waypoint system

VR love 

Even the weight of the headset adds to the context, because it's like the helmet of your spacesuit! I just met up with a friend in No Man's Sky, and seeing him, waving, shooting stuff, saying "I'll meet you at the space station" and then standing in the hangar and watching him land and get out... It's so hard to explain, but it's just, it's REAL!

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VR love 

No Man's Sky is another killer VR app. You are there. You are flying the space ship. You are landing on the planet, and getting out, and scanning for minerals and knowledge stones to learn alien languages that you can use to converse with real aliens.

Next week's video!

We're still in Manchester, and hmm it seems we actually arrived the same weekend as Manchester Pride!

Set your alarm, Friday 18th, 8pm GMT, 3pm EST.

This is my current favourite video

Tonight at 8pm GMT, tune in to the LIVE premiere of the newest afternoonwideboys video

This is my clown project with my best friend and uh, yeah it's SO post-rational! You'll like it!

(Here's a previous video:

Scenes from VRchat, CW: self-racism(?) 

I was in the virtual world tonight, as usual, and I met two American guys, who had chimpanzee avatars, but I couldn't clone them. I asked where they got their avatars from. This is their response:

"You wanna be a monkey? To be a monkey in here you gotta be a monkey in real life man. I'm black"

This is what I mean about VRchat, it's not really explainable, stuff like this happens almost every session

I've used this weekend very decadently, in the sense that I've done almost nothing with it, because I have the best few weekdays off

My hot tip for when you come out of VR is to start touching and smelling stuff, if you just look and listen you're going to start making inevitable comparisons between this world and the worlds you just left

And I'm not saying you're wrong but just remember if it's a simulation it's a much better simulation than you've become used to

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