Have you seen this? An actual public appeal from a magician to get others to join in his magic to influence world events. This rebrand is extremely timely

@KingMob no... Uri Geller is a stage show magician though so this is basically more like a celeb PR stunt. Have you seen JM Greer’s stuff (Archdruid)? That’s people who actually seem to be;icee in their own power

@KingMob @vgr never with a stage manager magician.

it's pretty standard with ritual magicians ( see 4chan meme magic and witches against Trump for examples from last election)

@Harry_Pottash @vgr my point was that the magic is being semi-endorsed by the guardian, they've printed his instructions in full for the readers to follow

@KingMob @Harry_Pottash I suspect the guardian did that as a joke sort of... Uri Geller is a bit of a punchline isn't he?

@vgr @Harry_Pottash I think it's more serious than a sort of joke, into the realm of kidding-not-kidding for me

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