Are you building infrastructure for the upcoming climate war? And what side are you building infrastructure for?

Fact* 1: The amount of carbon that has already been emitted is enough to cause a mass extinction event.

Fact 2: To avoid mass extinction requires global coordination on carbon removal

Fact 3: Atmospheric carbon isn't a one dimensional value. Choices will be made that determine the value of land

Fact 4: Land value causes war

*I haven't researched this, so, it's more like "Fact"

If you think the UK negotiating with the EU over import duties is bad, wait until you have every nation on earth negotiating over how much farmland they can have.

As soon as geo-engineering comes into the mix, you are going to have an armed struggle between states and non-states. The best case scenario is that this struggle is relatively limited in scale and mainly takes place through economic sanctions and strong words over negotiating tables.

For this best case scenario to occur, we need much more robust communication systems, pretty much everywhere.

States aren't going to disappear in 20 years, but they may be rivaled more by non-states, or non-territorial states. Regardless, the bandwidth internal to all organisations needs to be increased and used more effectively, and the bandwidth between organisations likewise needs to improve.

And not all organisations should survive. It's going to get messy but it's more exciting than 2005

If you want to see one of the medium options for the climate war, look at Syria-Iraq. US, Russia, Iran, Turkey, ISIS, Rojava. Even where there's "good guys" (which for me is Rojava, your mileage may vary), it's still pretty bad. A lot of good people have died. Avoiding this outcome for the entire world is a pretty big task but that's the one for our era so we need to do it.

My first suggestion would be: do a facilitation workshop. Learn how to listen and to enable listening. Listening is key.


Once you know how to listen it's pretty easy from there

@KingMob I think we're gonna have a rise in slave trade by other names. A lot of people will be unable to leave doomed regions except as luxury goods.

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