I'm either having a slightly manic episode or I've figured out a plan that will create a renaissance for the city I live in

Hey you know what, why not both?

Two words: clown cult


@zacharius Newcastle upon Tyne, you may know it from the ale, is a small city in the North East of England. At the moment, it's size is a negative, because it means we can't compete economically with Manchester or Sheffield or Leeds, similar kinds of Northern post-industrial cities.

But, a smaller size makes it easier for residents to have a shared experience. My friend is a charismatic guy and we started messing around with clown makeup recently. Maybe that's the basis for a social movement?

@zacharius The stereotype of the Geordie (name for people from the area) is a friendly, drinking guy with a bit of an edge to him. The culture here could potentially accommodate a full-time fool situation.

So my idea is, my friend comes to live up here, and becomes the Newcastle Networking Clown, we get him to meet everyone who has any stake in the city's development, from tramps to the mayor. And then something comes out of it, solve some cultural problems with a jolt of activation energy.

@zacharius The rest of the idea was potential things that could come out of it, like the Tyneside Olympics, winning medals that have tangible benefits in the city.

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