Trying not to go full Ayn Rand Objectivist "All government men are parasites on the true individual" after the local transit authority eliminated our coop from their so-called "innovation challenge" because our idea was too innovative

I fucking hate them, I want them to die, I hate this region, I hate this country, and if I could press a button to slit everyone's throats I would

But other than that it's been a pretty good afternoon

Public sector innovation is often just an excuse to force obsolescence on an entrenched patronage system controlled by the opposition and replace it with a new one controlled by your side.

Even when it isn't, it's what it becomes.

What was your idea, anyway?


First layer: live train map, so you can see where the trains are on the light rail network, watch them move around, get estimates of how far they are from you

Second layer: give the trains identities i.e. names and fictional biographies, by working with the communities served by the rail network

@KingMob That actually sounds doable and useful as fuck. But does it also include a live bus replacement service map?

@machado haha, probably actually wouldn't have been that hard to include that, the sensors are quite robust.

Thanks for saying that, they disagreed that it was doable, though...

"They" being the marketing team for the transport authority and the guy who runs their website.

Fucking abysmal.

@KingMob "They" being the guys who don't want honest information about service times to be public, and the guy who wants to have as little work as possible.

If your idea is developed enough to be ready for deployment, y'all can probably sell it to a less asinine train company and use the money to fund other ideas, no?

@machado yes, we're going to talk about doing something like that. The issue is that it's not developed enough.

@KingMob I hope y'all can take this idea further.

It's not really a start-up level idea, but the general idea of creating consumer friendly visualizations of live information relating to service conditions is probably a decent b2b niche.

@machado yeah. The annoying thing is that our local metro system was the perfect size to trial it. And there's enough disruptions and delays that the time table is kind of unreliable

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