I suppose the question then is, how do you go from this idea is available, to the vocal left picking it up and promoting it?

Cynical view: like reproduces like, with the death of unions, the left lived in academia, they can barely conceive of an alternative mode of existing

Just finished Other Minds by Peter Godfrey Smith, I'd recommend it for the colour pictures of octopuses and cuttlefish alone. The rest of the book, while not lovely pictures of undersea life, is also worth reading



@LeoSammallahti I think this is because of the concentration within the university of "the left". To be quite uncharitable, a lot of lefties find being paid to "think"* preferable to actually changing the world for the better.


Cover version of smash mouth's Rock Star being played at the gym

Interestingly, by having better vocal technique, the guy is butchering the song.

Round 2, Match 7 of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

@machado yeah. The annoying thing is that our local metro system was the perfect size to trial it. And there's enough disruptions and delays that the time table is kind of unreliable

@machado yes, we're going to talk about doing something like that. The issue is that it's not developed enough.

@machado haha, probably actually wouldn't have been that hard to include that, the sensors are quite robust.

Thanks for saying that, they disagreed that it was doable, though...

"They" being the marketing team for the transport authority and the guy who runs their website.

Fucking abysmal.


First layer: live train map, so you can see where the trains are on the light rail network, watch them move around, get estimates of how far they are from you

Second layer: give the trains identities i.e. names and fictional biographies, by working with the communities served by the rail network

Trying not to go full Ayn Rand Objectivist "All government men are parasites on the true individual" after the local transit authority eliminated our coop from their so-called "innovation challenge" because our idea was too innovative

I fucking hate them, I want them to die, I hate this region, I hate this country, and if I could press a button to slit everyone's throats I would

But other than that it's been a pretty good afternoon

@LeoSammallahti you can run some solar panels on your commune, but a nuclear reactor requires a lot more infrastructure, and you'll never get to retire to your commune then!

@LeoSammallahti nuclear reactors imply corporate and state power, I think that's why green people don't like them

@LeoSammallahti I'm struggling with this idea a bit. It sounds kind of impossible and like we already have it at the same time. Regulators don't usually target the small enterprises, but when you get to the biggest of the big, the corporations are too powerful for the state to control


I'd recommend Bernie Sanders supporters give this a read, the English Ideology has an American analogue, and the ultra-remainers map closely on to . If you don't want to get fucked by your centrists like we were, it's helpful to understand what they're going through

@LeoSammallahti @zxv@sunbeam.city yeah but that's because the audience in the UK wouldn't get the reference. Our media is really sick at the moment

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