@LeoSammallahti because our society is so stratified, you can use it to mean pretentious, or small-minded, depending on the context. Mainly a way to generalise about people and paint them as lacking individuality.

You're not supposed to be proud of being middle class here. You can be proud to be working class or upper class but not middle. It's almost something that happens to you by accident

we're seeing air horn levels at about 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

Just remembered the time I saw someone being converted to Christianity in the free weights area of the gym, gives new meaning to the words "Jesus, give me strength"

@tedu these days if you call yourself a bank, you get arrested and thrown in jail

This happens a lot, the innovations in political and social organising happen on the radical left, and then a few years later they're picked up by the radical right.

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Structurally, QAnon is the same as Occupy from ten years ago. Because the technology that enabled Occupy has now after ten years become easy enough to use, by people who don't care as much about their beliefs matching reality

@kawaiipunk this is an extract from my soon-to-be published centrist bible "Making Things Better Only Makes Things Worse"

@kawaiipunk if we improve anything about an experience, then people will choose to have that experience more. This is simple economics.

Therefore your suggestion is not only unworkable, but actively dangerous, as it would bring to a crashing halt any industry or commerce in this country, as we would all spend all our time listening to uncompressed music on hold

Being back at the office but by myself is not that different from working from home.

It's not back to normal, because there's nothing to look forward to.

Did you see the news? Scientists believe they've found evidence of life in Cardiff

Trying to win the presidency/prime ministership is chasing waterfalls. Wasting energy that you could use actually winning in a real domain.

Or, is the real domain pointless without the central position being taken?

I have a volunteer opportunity!

A friend of a friend is the program manager for www.lincolnfamilies.org
. It's a really good cause: helping underprivileged kids in the Oakland area not fall further behind due to missing school during COVID.

they're looking for someone to do some (pro bono) app development.

(I wish I could do this myself, but app development isn't one of my skills and I'm busy with other volunteering)

Contact me for details if interested.
Boosts appreciated!

@machado 5 mobile
3 windows on my laptop
~17 miscellaneous
~10 main work project
1 incognito

Non-POSIX file systems 


Operating systems and file systems have traditionally been developed hand in hand. They impose mutual constraints on each other. Today we have two major leaders in file system semantics: Windows and POSIX. They are very close to each other when compared to the full set of possibilities. Interesting things happened before POSIX monopolized file system semantics.

#fs #retro #systems

@nindokag is it that smart when the phone decides it knows what the colours are better than you?

@machado also, and obviously this is very petty, but my favourite mini supermarket is shut for refurbishment for >two weeks. So can't even buy stuff to relieve the boredom

@machado limited choice of activity, routine of exercise -> work -> read a book alone

My mum and sister are my cell mates, the only people I see in the physical world

My life at the moment, while obviously not the same as jail, has jail-like qualities

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