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The world needs to hear my thoughts about concepts! No wait... They need to hear what I think about thoughts about concepts! No wait they ne-

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I'm a big fan of people being late for meetings with me, gives me a status bump at the start and some time to draft emails

Web 3.0 is bigger than blockchain. The way I'm thinking about it at the moment is, web 2.0's relationship with media is what web 3.0's relationship with power will be

The commentators of the British press are a funny bunch. 1% understand systematic logic, and use it in good faith. 9% understand systematic logic, but pretend not to so they can weaponise a false ignorance. The rest live in associational land, and it's actually criminal that their output doesn't have some sort of warning sign that it will make you stupider.

Probably the most interesting thing for the refactor community though, is the development methodology we're aiming to use: The Convocation.
I've written up an outline, which explains the method and gives some background on development methodologies as a whole:

philosophy graduate, freelance software developer living in Newcastle, UK. I run the local tech4good meetup, but my main pro-social tech project is Wobbly, a syndicalist app. Our github: I'm always up for talking about it so if it interests you even slightly send me a message

Refactor Camp

Mastodon instance for attendees of Refactor Camp, and members of various online/offline groups that have grown out of it. Related local groups with varying levels of activity exist in the Bay Area, New York, Chicago, and Austin.

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