Tusky seems more stock Material Design (tm), less interesting but more functional. Only complaint so far is some animations that last about 2x longer than I'd prefer (~400ms vs. 100-200ms).

Uninstalling Tootdon for Tusky (Android).

Tootdon is pretty good, but bothered by two points: The floating Toot button in the center of the feed (that disappears/reappears on scroll) and the number of swipes to reach local and federated feeds.

Mastodon for calm and mental health,
The other site for ... the opposite of that

Hypothesis: Truth is knowledge that (a) rationally connects values > assumptions > conclusions, and (b) effectively predicts outcomes.

Not sure how that model is impacted when assumptions are easy to falsify. Can you falsify enough to accurately predict/manipulate outcomes?


Thinking about the implications of perfected puppeting and voice synthesis.

When (and I mean when) we reach the point where it's nigh impossible to tell what has been recorded and what has been generated, then we can really talk about post-truth.

Or, maybe I haven't thought about this enough yet, and there's some kind of solution.

I've observed a lot of conversation on the topic taking form of one or more of these arguments, as if they're the same argument. Or rather, as if failing one of these conditions is enough to accept the censorship. (Paraphrasing) "1st Amendment protects against government censorship, not corporations. Ergo, there's no problem with the censorship."

Is the censorship good or bad? Four lenses:

1. Do platforms have a legal duty to free speech? Obv. not, 1st Amendment doesn't apply.

2. Do platforms have an ethical duty to free speech? IMO, no. We accept platforms can control for pornography, spam.

3. Does censorship violate MY view of what the platforms are? Personally, yes. I value neutrality in Twitter and YouTube.

4. Is the censorship likely to have a positive effect? IMO, no, it's repressive, will worsen effects of conspiracy theories.

Did a podcast with some normie friends on the topic of Alex Jones being scrubbed from major social media.


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