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i'm a economics and maths teacher from germany. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my pupils, the education system and myself.
I really have no idea, what I want to get from mastadon. Hopefully some nice ideas.

Long time no see.
How is Mastodon developing?

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where are all the books where the villain wins and it's actually a good thing for everyone involved

For me written text and spoken word are somehow disjoint.

I can read pretty fast (silent), but I’am really bad at reading out loud and I have really bad text comprehension when I do.

For non german words I often don’t even know the pronunciation.

Could that be related to dyslexia cases in my family?

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As we become more aware of and more deeply interconnected to the fate of every person, every living creature and every ecosystem on earth, we carry a greater weight of moral responsibility. We carry a felt sense of moral responsibility that no human, surviving in a small tribe, would have felt 10,000 years ago. Their sense of moral responsibility would extend only to members of their tribe and immediate ecosystem. The burden of moral responsibility we carry today is orders of magnitude beyond.


The idea of German nationalism changed from unifying people in a common state to separating people.

21st century European Union proponents are working on the same project as 19th century nationalists: unifying people.

Yesterday I spend at a kick off seminar for selling insurances.

Selling insurances as a side hustle revealed itself to be more about recruiting new salesman than selling insurances.

I’m out.

Getting myself entangled in selling insurance.

A man needs to live.

And the man who has everything needs insurance.

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What is a great tool/system/theory developed in the last ten years that has significant benefits on a personal level?

For example, spaced repetition, mental models, deep work, etc.

The purpose of my teacher’s seminar:

- keep up the illusion that teachers are qualified

- protection for the education system à la we told them what to do

Seminar day is the only day I regularly rely on caffeine, nicotine and in some cases pseudo-ephedrine and aspirin


Ten years ago when I underwent military basic training there was this neo nazi guy and he was best buddy with a guy who's parents are from Turkey.

I still don't know what to make of it. Perhaps racism is not so important to most racists?

I'm told people here in Washington State are starting to get more and more of their Coca-Cola, Fanta, etc from Mexico, because it contains real sugar and is healthier than the high fructose corn syrup one you get here.

Problem when you want to give a gift:

1. gifts must be somehow superfluous, necessary gifts are alms.
2. good gifts are personal.
3. gifts must be appropriatly priced.

People like giving gifts and for some kind reason they like you more, when they give you a gift.

So maybe you just solve 1-3 for them.

My aunt collects elephant stuff. It's super superfluous, it's super personal and you can get it in every price range. It's just the winning strategy for receiving gifts.

You cannot even send money from one bank account to another without charges in the States.

The price of California almonds in Washington State is almost twice as high as in Germany.

I don't get it.

Telling Americans about Germany's social security system. They're like what kind of wonderland is that?

What? US water bottles don't even say how much minerals they contain? I guess we Germans (/Europeans?) are really obsessed with mineral water. I somehow think minerals are important. But then I am from Germany... I am now buying European water, but that's also stupid.

Somehow I am the only person who finds it problematic that you need to eat every day. You need to eat every day. Every day.

Coffee just tasted bad. My stomach is a bit upset. Didn't even drink the whole cup. Don't feel any better.

This is odd. 7 weeks ago I didn't function without coffee.

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After to weeks of abstinence it's time to test the effect of coffein again.

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