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My believe about when there was the first good estimate for the speed of light was totally wrong. I thought it was a late 19th century finding whereas James Bradley got c= 301 000 m/s in 1729. Rømer and Huygens got 220 000 m/s as early as 1675 which at least is the right order of magnitude.

After 4 weak of limb cramping and tiring abstinence from coffein I just enjoyed my first cup of coffee.

Not as tasty as expected. I really feel agitated. But my feeled mental awakeness didn't increase so far.

Do twin studies underestimate the heritabilities of traits? I think identical twins are more incentivised to deviate from their genetic predisposition in order to be an individual than fraternal ones.

Last school day of this season.

4/4 of the Syrian refugees in my class passed ninth grade.

Six weeks of holidays lie ahead of me.

I haven't got a good idea about what to do for the next two weeks.

On my reading list are the last 300 pages of The Brothers Karamazov and Pope Benedict's trilogy about Jesus.

Have you got any ideas?

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Soooo, what have ppl been using this for so far?

I just sold my netflix shares because they banned their filmcrew "from looking at each other for longer than five seconds"

How can't that end in a dysfunctional workplace?

Sellers remorse, though.

i'm a economics and maths teacher from germany. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my pupils, the education system and myself.
I really have no idea, what I want to get from mastadon. Hopefully some nice ideas.