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i'm a economics and maths teacher from germany. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my pupils, the education system and myself.
I really have no idea, what I want to get from mastadon. Hopefully some nice ideas.

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I'm told people here in Washington State are starting to get more and more of their Coca-Cola, Fanta, etc from Mexico, because it contains real sugar and is healthier than the high fructose corn syrup one you get here.

Problem when you want to give a gift:

1. gifts must be somehow superfluous, necessary gifts are alms.
2. good gifts are personal.
3. gifts must be appropriatly priced.

People like giving gifts and for some kind reason they like you more, when they give you a gift.

So maybe you just solve 1-3 for them.

My aunt collects elephant stuff. It's super superfluous, it's super personal and you can get it in every price range. It's just the winning strategy for receiving gifts.

You cannot even send money from one bank account to another without charges in the States.

The price of California almonds in Washington State is almost twice as high as in Germany.

I don't get it.

Telling Americans about Germany's social security system. They're like what kind of wonderland is that?

What? US water bottles don't even say how much minerals they contain? I guess we Germans (/Europeans?) are really obsessed with mineral water. I somehow think minerals are important. But then I am from Germany... I am now buying European water, but that's also stupid.

Somehow I am the only person who finds it problematic that you need to eat every day. You need to eat every day. Every day.

Coffee just tasted bad. My stomach is a bit upset. Didn't even drink the whole cup. Don't feel any better.

This is odd. 7 weeks ago I didn't function without coffee.

After to weeks of abstinence it's time to test the effect of coffein again.

Yesterday I went to district court, watching some Civil law cases.

Example: complainant sued his former landlord, because the landlord didn't return the full security deposit due to some problems with the apartment (200€ instead of 500€).

Both parties tell a lot of stuff, which has nothing to do with the case.

Than the judge suggested a compromise agreement: Complainant gets 350€. Everybody agrees, problem solved. Lawyers got payed. Court costs got payed.

Transaction costs 👌

@msflechette Just read my first two stories by Greg Egan, really enjoyed them. Thank you :)

So after weeks of extreme heat there comes a heat wave. Yay, 34°C. Germany is becoming hell.

Hannah Arendt - Vita Activa
C. G. Jung - Man and His Symbols

Just finished:
Dostoyevsky - The Brothers Karamazov

Up Next:
Greg Egan - Axiomatic

Does Mastodon attract Socialists? Or is socialism a thing again? I feel an anti capitalist vibe in the federaded time line.

What socialist should I follow?

Sometimes I think I should hedge against economic collapse.

But then I think storing food and gold is silly.

What's your approach?

What if all the paper work is just a pretty inefficient plan to store CO2?

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Due to changes in my diet I needed to discard my old 4 week meal plan and deciding what to eat has become a daily burden again.

So I've just started working on a new plan.

Does anyone know good zero/low-carb recipes?

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So some sellers are charging $2600 for used books on Amazon.

You know what that is?

Going back in time to about ten years ago, Eve Online used to have the same in their in game market, items priced highly above market value. It was used by in-game currency miners to launder the money.

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