Jobs To Be Done 

City analogues and climate change 2019-2050 

A DoubleTweet in which two religious icons confront urban decay 

Multitemporality: 1 

Southern Baptists and Presidents, an open question 

Border crossing: Mexican folk religion, meet American pop culture 

On the literary transmission of terror: 1: mirroring Twitter-feeds 

A second DoubleQuote from the El Paso / Dayton shootings 

On the literary transmission of terror: 2: cascading texts 

Did Escher know Fludd? 

Tardigrades on the Moon? 

An observation for David Ronfeldt 

Reactions to the Reactionary – The New Scholarship on Fascism, 1 

Danger: Japanese Defense Ministry maps illustrate Korzybski 

Danger: Japanese Defense Ministry maps illustrate Korzybski, 

Haute Baroque Capitalism 

Notes on Multiplicity 

Preliminary Rules for Discussing Meaning 

After Authenticity 

The Disbeliever's Guide to Authenticity 

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