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"Cyberia: Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace" Douglas Rushkoff, 1994 (not pirated: the author approved releasing full text of the book online)

A fascinating reminder what people in 1994 thought Cyberspace and the Information Superhighway would be like. Almost an alien mindset now

In retrospect, it's absolutely tragic. Not just that the internet turned out so much worse than we thought it was going to be; but that our ambitions have shrunk so much.

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Two particularly thought-provoking posts I read today.

The first is by Joe Norman and says that “In living systems,
the whole generates the parts.
The parts do not exist a priori.”

The second is by David Collins and takes a look at the history of “mindfulness”. This actually persuaded me to try focusing on concentration-orientated meditation for a while (all I’ve ever done is awareness/vipissanna practice).

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