A Text Renaissance 

Worlds within the world: studio of Kiefer, mind of Vollmann 

Logicism and probabilism 

Doing without, a new wave? 

The Fractal Partition of Bangladesh / India 

Weirding Diary: 11 

You are accountable for reasonableness 

10,385 DSB 

A very interesting title from 2014, & a title match, 1972 

10,383 DSB 

Domestic Cozy: 11 

Open Transclude 

In Conversation: 2019 Recap, Book Stats, & Reader Questions 

MJD 58,889 

Witcher Ethics 

10,377 DSB 

Predictable, enormously surprising 

Predictable Identities 25: External Control 

10,373 DSB 

23.1: The Ghost Network pre-read w/ Ben Roswell: Experimental Narratives, Storytelling Games, and Postmodern Literature 

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