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What are some of your favorite intellectual fads?

For me, the 'nudge' idea has been so overblown and misconstrued with poor psychology data mixed with lacking data I have trouble taking anyone serious.

I worked in Advertising for years and the ideas presented were not much different. There are still some great ideas, and people, but god damn did it get overblown.

What are some of your favorite intellectual fads?

Much of twitter seems like a circle jerk. VC folks prop up other VC folks, startup prop startup, finance prop finance, and marketing people are all scammers.

Questioning startup people and VCs about garbage products has earned enough angry DMs to ruin some people for me.

Seems like an interesting group here, excited to bother and be bothered by ya. Thanks @vgr

Visiting after signing up weeks ago. Jumped around some agency and tech companies. I work as a consultant which I love and hate, and like like to drink whiskey and get distracted. Not sure what I'll get out of here yet, but I imagine something.

Some stuff:
Marketingology = study of psychology, sociology, and philosophy on culture.

The word 'Quality' is garbage.

Deadlifting is good for you.

Spending the second half of the year studying history of tech, open to reading recs.