some ways of discovering interesting pages on a domain, with ribbonfarm as an example. would love to hear yours 😃

sort by captures on the wayback machine:*/ribbonfa*

twitter search:

pocket explore:

reddit sort by votes:

@a I like it for looking at certain early stage companies that are a few years ahead of mine, to see how they evolved and to see what they looked like at our stage in the lifecycle.

hackernews submits, sadly unsorted:

Very interesting topic though! the blog format seems so needlessly illegible. i really think there is space for a search engine that uncovers the Deep Structure that is encoded in links and Capitalized Concepts.

I think if it hadn't been for the page which gave me good entry points into the Rust Age I probably never would have stuck around.

@alec yeah a search like that would be cool! im curious how well the standard techniques (centrality measures between pages, topic modelling) amount to finding interesting pages

for new readers, start here, best of, etc compilation pages tend to be really useful, and i wish more blogs had them

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