Really nice vid explaining consciousness by a mathematician/physicist who used to work under Hawking.

The unabombers manifesto is piercingly insightful and very relevant to today.

Though in the end it feels like he misses Freedom (in the Krishnamurti sense) and ends up a very insight and intelligent “get off my lawn”er.

He seemed very unhappy, I wonder why and what happened...

Sunmarized in my mind as: “I’m ok, you’re ok. I feel happy for you. I feel sad for you.”

The near enemies being: “I don’t matter. You’re ok w/ conditions. I feel happy for you b/c I am living through you. I feel pity for you to make myself feel better.”

A life of no regrets is more about acceptance of the past than a YOLO attitude towards the future.

To those for whom God has died, all forms of idealism reeks of bullshit, and there becomes nothing higher to live for.

Confidence is our self perceived degree of alignment with god.

To truly learn, one must seek contexts allowing for tight enough iteration cycles that the momentum from one attempt can carry into the next.

Artificial busy-ness is the root of all evil.

Likewise... unnecessary busi-nesses are the sources of all evil.

Climate change conflict parallels family conflict in very similar ways. Most arguments are try to be detached and objective “You’re ruining your career/life/etc...”

But the earth/career/life doesn’t care. The real issue is why the individual or humanity is acting in such self destructive ways. The self destruction is the very purpose and intent of the behavior (subconsciously), not something that the “idiots” don’t seem to realize.

The question boils down to the will to live.

Improvement seems to be mainly about the ability to break down substeps into games rather than competitions. That is, something worth doing for its own sake rather than with an end state in mind.

That is, rooting smaller games into larger games making sure there is an attachment eventually to an jnfinite game.

That is, din’t lose the plot.

You know the twinge you get when you hear about building a Harmonious Society? I get a similar feeling when listening to many of the equality movement thoughts. “Men and woman are equal” for example subconsciously implies that women have nothing uniquely feminine to contribute. Instead of making room for diversity it assimilates the very source of diversity into the predominant homogenous gloop.

“You can be whatever gender, race, or sexuality you want as long as you assimilate to the System”

Anger is like a cheap knockoff version of happiness. Both resolve anxieties and fears around death.

I wonder if maturity and leadership are the same and if selling out and leadering are also the same.

Fractal expansion is the only way to infinitely scale. Otherwise the message of how to scale becomes too diluted or weak as expansion happens. Fractal messages allow the core message to propagate with a dynamic yet stable fidelity.

Nature is naturally rapey. Being unable to force ideas or other things upon another, the tendency is to get the other to give themselves up.

Both are methods of coercion and force.

Lots and garages aren't places to be; they're just places to pass through. So we design them to require the barest amount of attention.

I wonder how the world would seem different when everywhere felt worth the ongoing effort it takes to make it a place to be. If what was happening here now mattered so much that saving time and effort to use on something better at a later date began to lose its appeal.

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Creative destruction works because empowerment can be achieved by disempowering those who would disempower others. It is rooted in faith and trust in humanity rather than distrust and escape into the ideologies of systems and institutions.

The courage to be disliked seems to be tied with the courage to be alone.

Understanding what it is to be a Son or Daughter is what creates a sense of rootedness. Myths and religions are the fallback net in lieu of parental failure in this regard. (Though it gets a bit recursive as the myths themselves affect the method of child rearing)

The thing about the communist party of china is that it’s powerful because it’s supported, not because it’s evil. At every layer of society there are people who are willing to sell out into the hierarchy for power if all they need to do is follow what an “alpha dog” tells them to do.

The specific ideologies don’t actually matter. It’s the problem of too many people not having enough courage to take a gamble on themselves.

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