That things can be better doesn’t mean that things can’t be fine as they are.

When you grow up between 2 worlds, your only home is the market, with all its depressants and stimulants.

When those who rejected the market start to lose their home, they will do everything and anything to get it back.

Even if the whole world must burn...

Dogs and not cats are allowed in offices b/c in unknown environments they stick to what’s known and safe rather than explore and cause potential chaos.

Martyrs are like dams that hold back a massive amount of collective focus and energy. When they die the water is destructive and uncontrollable.

The path of a prophet leads to martyrdom. The path of a shepherd leads to prophethood.

All of philosophy revolves around how to live a “good” life under the moral hazard of necessary selfishness.

Those who see no need for all this thinking often have an idealistic and overly virtuous self image that makes thinking unnecessary.

There is no need to ponder self when selfishness is not a thing.

So much of tech culture issues can boil down to diversity issues. Many people NEED to believe that the reason they or their team is struggling is that there aren’t more people. Specifically more copies of themselves with the same high intelligence.

Most of the time what they need is a mentor to slap them or some more diverse outlooks to challenge tunnel vision.

Struggle means that you need to change what is, not add more of it.

Art is anything desired that the free market can’t provide.

While I agree with Jordan Peterson’s idea that modern society is especially damaging to male psyches the train of thought seems to lead to a necessary injection of meaning and utilization of the hard consciousness and ambitious drive to fully be (that is currently repressed and drugged up.)

The most efficient way of getting all system going and fully utilized with maximum meaning is probably war :/

It takes a certain mentality to primarily be sorting by new rather than hot.

The person trying to cut down a tree with a stick is not stupid but disempowered. Many mental conflicts are similar in that a thing lacks the right tool.

To identify with a collection of tools is ego, to realize that the one who swings is the same as yourself dissolves the attachment to the tools.

@aRandomCat a scarcity or fear based mindset never clears the cobwebs. This is increasing because the shelf life of “knowledge” is rapidly decreasing. The faster food spoils, the less safety you feel and the more frantic runs to the grocery store you have to do.

Combine this with never learning what a garbage can is and...

Thoughts are though be because portions of reality get stuck on your web of mental models. The more you have the more you can think. (Though you can never capture everything)

The danger is when you have too much web for what you need to do. The extraneous caught thoughts become a form of good taste at the best and exclusionary judgement at the worst.

The “nuclear” option for human relationships has shifted from murder (e.g. wild west and dueling) to dehumanization and pigeonholing. Just as someone who would press the button has a crazy gleam in their eye, those who seem like they’d dehumanize at the slightest inconvenience also seem to have a certain vibe.

“If you think that the greatest ideal in life is to be invulnerable, then you are on your way to becoming geological rather than spiritual.” - Alan Watts

The trap is viewing vulnerability as a shortcut to invulnerability. “Oh I’m a fallible human that always has a lot to learn.” Proceeds to make arrogant and disastrous decisions chock full of moral hazards.

Am trying to start a company reading group and thought to init it with some Boyd and OODA material. (Due to all the folk w/ aviation backgrounds) Anyone care to give feedback? (either on writing or seeding group interest) I’ve enabled commenting. (

The first bit is just copy paste from T.Pearson’s pdf but I have some of my own stuff below it. The goal is to successfully spark the candle of a slow burn.

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