I used to have a “positive” attitude towards impatience & boredom in that to me they indicated rapid understanding of now and future as well as ambitious striving for better.

Re-encountered the “gumption trap” idea from ZAMM and realized the issue with impatience/boredom is that arrogantly overlooking the subtlety of small things and only focusing on the big things causes you to be derailed from Flow states all day.

Put another way, your only hammer is high tempo flow.

@aRandomCat The river flows through all tempos and the most bracing parts of the river inspire the rhythm of music. The river is the source, and it starts out slow.

To have only high tempo as a tool is akin to transplanting trees in a ham-fisted way and wonder why they never take deep roots.

To desire the climax of music (which is the climax of a river) over and over again can lead to a shallow understanding of flow and overly masturbatory actions.

@aRandomCat I can't remember the last time I was bored, but to be fair, I haven't been working this year 😂

I think boredom could be a useful signal in some contexts, but impatience may be a sign of not giving enough time, rather than how it feels (spending too much time?). As I've gotten older I increasingly think that time spent in immersion or exposure can be as important as effort.

@bkam the claim of a lot of “go with the flow”, “fully surrender and accept” , “trust the universe” philosophies is just that. Full immersion and giving up effort will get you to where you’re supposed to be in the fastest time.

“Effort” (the futile kind exerted by the Elephant in the Brain) actually disturbs the natural flow of things. Climbing the mountain gets you a better view, but often puts you further from where gravity will always eventually take you. (Death :/ )

@aRandomCat Beautifully put.

I think effort is required, probably these days there's not enough effort exerted in the right places, but downtime and absorption are also critical. The Coursera Learning to Learn course convinced me of this, it's an interesting one to try if you have time.

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