Hearthstone archetypes and OODA strategies:
Aggro: throw obstacles at opponent till it dies.
Control: focus only on dodging obstacles.
Value: ignore obstacles
Midrange: balance throwing and dodging
Tempo: “store” cycles and release at the right time.

In RTS games as APM equals, it all boils down to tempo and decision fatigue. However with luck based card games it’s hard to consistently keep rhythm.

In a high FUD env, the cheapest thing to do is go full aggro. (Beef thinking)

@vgr yea, a card game like magic the gathering. Also reminds me, the recent uproar at deepmind and starcraft is that deepmind used an aggro strategy of overwhelming via many cheap decisions and surplus energy vs actually making better decisions.

Like a sumo wrestler ramming a kickboxer out of the ring to win.

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