Does anyone do these masterclass things? Very glossy and high-production value things with big names

@vgr reminds me of ceo’s not steering. The big names are by necessity some of the purest sources of passion for whatever they do. Benefit of being able to hook into that can be much more than say the best teacher with the best techniques. (Especially for those driven by hierarchical needs)

@aRandomCat good insight, I don’t think of either point. Learning from the best via emulation/cargo cutting a bit, rather than the best teacher by receiving instruction.


@vgr it’s probably how 99% of learning happens. Leaving grad school one of my interests was data visualization, presenting info in a way that “clicks”. The degree of social proof necessary to get more than a few cycles of thought out of anyone was rather disappointing though. Longform probably has a similar problem.

Viruses by definition are immortal . Life by definition must die.

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