While I agree with Jordan Peterson’s idea that modern society is especially damaging to male psyches the train of thought seems to lead to a necessary injection of meaning and utilization of the hard consciousness and ambitious drive to fully be (that is currently repressed and drugged up.)

The most efficient way of getting all system going and fully utilized with maximum meaning is probably war :/

@aRandomCat You have to remember that, historically, most wars where more about raiding soft targets and stealing goods, cattle, and slaves.

Basically, tribes with more goods than people to defend them would lose them to tribes with more people than goods to feed them.

It's using violence to redistribute the means of production (and reproduction).

@machado it may be though, that it’s the most efficient and natural way of survival and getting out if mass depressive or existential states. Meaning while at one level it is “bad”, at another level it may be “good”. At the cellular level for example there is a lot of violence.

Anti-war sentiment may be similar to cancer in that it strives for a hollow immortality. It rejects the idea that suffering is natural and necessary and forces it all to explode out at once.

@machado with a global connected world there’s a global rug to sweep stuff under and a bigger WTF when that buffer gets full.

JP is like “deal with suffering or else” but maybe it translates to reality as “deal with the nuclear war so you don’t have to deal with the super nuclear war.”

@aRandomCat I won't make existential claims. The most opinionated I'm willing to get on this is that we seem to have evolved to be unhappy and uncomfortable, in ways that lead us to procreate.

Everything else is unnecessary, from an evolutionary stand point.

@machado @aRandomCat unless happiness is the human equivalent of a peacocks tail.

@machado @aRandomCat also evolution could select for happiness in raising your kids.

@octesian @aRandomCat We're barely selected for raising our kids at all.

But I can dig happiness as signaling. Conspicuous happyface as a biologically programmed "look at me I'm winning" display.

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