Crucibles of collective attention probably work by creating social structures along the full path to mastery and beyond which constantly provide energy and meaning.

There’s always people behind you, going behind you, with you, beyond you, etc... people and groups to hate, love, worship, look down on, etc...

Within this bubble, which comes at the cost of some homogenization, the feelings of purpose, mastery, and autonomy are rather high. At least while you’re still going upwards.

@ykgoon great analogies! Gardeners expecting (and perhaps even being able to work with) bugs stuck out. Engineering as is is obsessed with a kind of purity that gardeners know is impossible.

If the head of some department can’t be found for a long time, could it also be signs of a political ploy to ensure that a group remains headless and ineffective?

@BruceJia @vgr prison/freedom may potentially be opposames is the thing. Can’t break free of the prison without also destroying the freedom.

IMO The best software projects are like seeds growing into a tree. Things are fully replaced through the growing process yet the entity remains stable. Trying to create divine abstractions that exist from start to “finish” can instead create a hellish world of undying zombies.

@ykgoon was just thinking about my own physical habits and one thing is pursing my lips when anxious. I think there’s an element of necessarily having to do something with the energy rather than pinpointing a root cause as well.

@ykgoon A lot of habits seem to be tied to environment. Maybe move things around, travel for a while, new job, etc...

Though if you think of yourself as a brain in a body it’s harder to change the environment since the body is just always there. Meditation to adjust mind/body distinction. Or working out or learning a new physical skill to “change” the body.

That psychedelics can potentially adjust even hardcore habits like drugs and alcohol may also be relevant...

‪Hyper-rationality looks at a TV and declares the rapidly moving dot to be of no interest and have no meaning. ‬

I wonder if all forms of cherishing are just various degrees of stockholm syndrome.

Some fundamental prisons: universe as a prison and, body as a prison, mind as a prison.

There are 2 main governance systems. One in which the leaders drink the kool aid. One in which the followers drink (or are forced) the kool aid.

Skill derives from how much consciousness you can invest which derives from how interested you are which derives from how happy you are with life.

As interfaces to technology become more hard edged and algorithmic, power naturally cedes to those of a similar mindset of control. Empowering those who would seek to stamp out evil. (That very drive being the source of evil itself)

When a country becomes a source of cheap labor does it also start to assimilate a lot of business/management/factory culture?

IMO China has “Westernized” quite a bit and wonder if production of Iphones and such (which are moving to India) had some sort of effect :/

@aRandomCat patience is a virtue because it takes the energy of extractive ambition and turns it into the consciousness of creation.

Technology is an extractive force that masquerades as a creative one.

It is most dangerous when extracting time and space for gizmos and widgets.

Time and space are too easy to sacrifice because they are usually isolating forces from the self’s perspective.

@rustyswarf nature is probably the ultimate recycler. If you start off with the assumption that the universe is naturally balanced then efficiency is a zero sum game. Nature looks inefficient but only when subject to to a value system that isolates and cuts out an aspect from its greater whole.

Yang(white) consumes meaning and turns it into experience. Yin(black) consumes experience and turns it into meaning.

Between the person who claims more is more and the one claiming less is more. The proud rational mind chooses to believe the former.

You know how they say it’s not the child’s fault for their parents divorce? In a way, couples who are going to break up may try having children in order to create a type of glue to hold them together.

The child was given an impossible task, but the subconscious and implicit expectations (as well as the inevitable failure) are still transferred.

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