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To hook onto my zombie idea, the reason the undead are not put to rest is because their children are shielded from the visage of death. They never learn to deal with death and are drawn away via cloying sweets promised to them at the end of the rainbow.

To succeed fully on the rainbow path requires creating a schism at the home front.

FYI for those reading @vgr ‘s latest AMA and are curious about a curated newsletter list these are my progressively highlighted notes on them. Starred the ones I particularly liked. (Brain-bicycle was also one of my favorites)

What if religious belief and hierarchical energy was the source of all learning? And by doing so seeds its own destruction by making the child smarter than the parent.

Religion as the most generous of givers who gives to the greatest of ingrates.

Corrupted into dogma by those who thought big was closer to infinity than small. Yet untouchable by any corruption as well.

What if all those people who are like zombies plodding through life have already fulfilled their life’s greatest purpose? They just can’t die because they necromancers of the System forcibly revive them into zombies to serve via constant injections of addictive viral entities.

Saving them is the same as destroying them.

*works both for physically dying via Valhalla as well as egoic death and identity change.

I feel like human resources has recently gone through a weaponization phase. They rapidly build out cults of personality and are the first one to drink the kool aid. Sometimes even around unwilling executives who just have to go along.

The weaponization isn’t even directed. It’s just emergent from a higher level self propagation need.

Kook aid is anything cloyingly sweet that you drink and smile and give a thumbs up to.

Children choose to live only because there are adults in the world. Adults choose to live only because there are children in the world.

Each tries to make the other into self, yet ironically each is the source of the other.

Hearthstone archetypes and OODA strategies:
Aggro: throw obstacles at opponent till it dies.
Control: focus only on dodging obstacles.
Value: ignore obstacles
Midrange: balance throwing and dodging
Tempo: “store” cycles and release at the right time.

In RTS games as APM equals, it all boils down to tempo and decision fatigue. However with luck based card games it’s hard to consistently keep rhythm.

In a high FUD env, the cheapest thing to do is go full aggro. (Beef thinking)

Recently have heard the phrase “I don’t know what I don’t know.” said a lot but in a way that seems to suggest “I know what I don’t know.”

Missing the entire point :/

My new company has quite a few people w/ aviation backgrounds and OODA interests. (We do drone delivery) Was thinking of putting together a bunch of of links, resources, and high level descriptions but I feel like I never really “got it” and would be just regurgitating stuff.

Going through some notes trying to get a “feel” for it and came up with: Pay attention so you can see where you’re going and not walk into poles.

Anyone else care to share their understanding?

2x2 of philosophies towards fun:
Children can have fun adults can’t. (Be responsible)
Children can’t adults can. (Pay your dues)
No one can. (Life is suffering)
Everyone can. (Life is suffering)

There’s this saying in Chinese: 阴盛阳衰that rougly translates to “Rise of Yin(feminine), fall of Yang(masculine)”.

Usually refers to how successful girls are within China’s education system as they more agreeably follow the system while the boys get addicted to online games and such. (Also drugs)

Leads to complaints by elders about how their daughters work too hard and should just quit to be mothers.

I wonder if every police brutality that doesn’t occur or every dollar gained “immorally” actually manifests itself eventually some other way. Like a thermodynamic law of pain.

Which would be why who choose the pain of regret over the pain of discipline even if they’re they’re equal. Regret can be amortized across a lifetime but the decision to be disciplined happens in an instance.

@aRandomCat And here's a few accounts that are just fun:

Also, there's a lot of good photography happening on the hashtag.

@aRandomCat YMMV, but here's some folks who I think say/do interesting things, or boost interesting things, or are involved in conversations that I find interesting:

Space and time as the necessary environment in which the Elephant in the Brain exists.

An evil twin is the dog version or you if you’re a cat person and vice versa.

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