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Been following ribbonfarm since the "Future Nausea" essay, which was a moment of refactored perception in my early 20s.

Current work is a mix of freelance political research & working on an early startup. I also podcast about scifi books in my spare time at

Mostly here for the cool links & to share the same. Inuit throat singing is right up my alley @strangeattractor— One of my fav podcast eps is abt the Deaf in the Soviet Union:

What college courses do you either think about, or use information from, on a regular basis?

The resistance is invigorating.

The is exhausting.

OK, is there a food and cooking-based instance yet, please?

I think toots would be excellent for sharing short recipes.

"Fake miniatures depicting Islamic science have found their way into the most august of libraries and history books.

"What exactly is the picture of science in Islam that are we hoping to find? These fakes reveal more than just a preference for fiction over truth. Instead, they point to a larger problem about the expectations that scholars and the public alike saddle upon the Islamic past and its scientific legacy."

Just as the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of the 1970s were reacting against the Big Tech of their time (IBM) I think the pendulum is once again going to swing in the direction of more personal ownership and control over computing rather than big centralized systems.

This time instead of a computer in every home it's going to be something more like a server in every home - or something performing the same function as a server.

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Reposting from twitter

So long as people think “work hard and play by the rules” is a principled way of living that should lead to sustained good outcomes over a lifetime, the same shitty macro outcomes will keep happening. It’s not just a stupid way to live, it’s kinda morally questionable.

It's weird to me that we consider "sticking to your principles" as a virtue.

If someone has shitty principles, then sticking to them doesn't make them a better person.

Always fun to log onto facebook and be reminded of how racist so much of my family is.

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I'm reading a book that I think a lot of ribbon farm folks will enjoy right now.

It's called America City, by Chris Beckett. It's set about 70 years in the post-climate-change future, and features a Trump-like politician who is trying to reconfigure America by resettling the Southern States in the North & the PR professional helping him sell that idea.

So far it's very good. And Chris wrote one of my fav novels ever, Dark Eden, also worth a look.

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Getting back on-grid after just a few days in the woods w/o cell service is one of the most difficult things.

Our brains revert to pre-post-humanity really quickly. Or at least, mine does.

Communities can pick 2 of 3:

Get along well, be large scale, have no moderation

So weird to run into someone with an internet pseudonym that's the same as a different person that I had previously know on a different weird corner of the internet.