Was way more into this playlist when I thought it was “Eels!”

It’s true that Twitter took some air out of blogging. I suspect it’s also true that they formed a positive feedback loop when they overlapped. Longer-form writing informed tweets, tweets responded to or inspired longer-form writing. We can have our tweets and eat blogs too!

Listening to a DJ live set and it opens with the whitest, most English version of a 90’s hip-hop sketch I’ve ever heard. This person learned the exactly wrong lesson of possibly every album after 3 Feet High and Rising.

Corollaries to “new languages won’t achieve career-sustaining critical mass”: 1) frameworks become the important point of leverage 2) framework/language harmony or outright integration ala Elm or Erlang become even more important.

Long bet: Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and C# will be the last languages that achieve a critical mass such that they can sustain developers through their whole career. From here on out, it’s a melting pot of framework and technology choices.

Increasingly convinced houses only exist in two states: brand new and invisibly needing repair, lived in and visibly needing multiple repairs. This adage may apply to societies too.

Turns out I had formative experiences in my youth that, if I'd pursued standup comedy, would have nicely prepared me for telling jokes in 2019:


Bottom line: if you can't get a laugh without punching down or cussin', you are something different from a comedian. "Observational cognitive bias slam poet" maybe?

Who has two thumbs and is pretty excited for Enumerable#to_h and the proc composition/chaining stuff in Ruby 2.6! 👍👍


Which came first: the theory of productivity or the Singularly Great Work?

Point: GTD and XP are both based on what worked Really Well for One Singularly Productrive person.
Counterpoint: we all need our own theory of what might work for us personally before we get started.

In honor of Ms. Jackson’s imminent induction into the Rock Hall of Fame: is Rhythm Nation 1814 a concept album? 🤔 ✋🖐️✋

Fortnite Creative looks like a combination of private servers and exposing most of the map building tools through a clever game item. Seeing as how nothing in Fortnite should work, on paper, I’m excited to see what folks do with it! epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/n

In lieu of coffee, I took a five minute walk yesterday when I hit the mid-afternoon groginess. This was at least as effective, if not more than a coffee. 100% success rate, would recommend! 😉

I like how the module systems in ES6 and Clojure solve the “where the heck did this function come from?” problem. I’m optimistic that adding some kind of module system to Ruby can make working with Rails and large apps even more pleasant!


The New Yorker’s “Touchstones” essays on classic albums are quite good. The inline samples of Missy Elliott’s musical references and supercuts of other artists borrowing Janet Jackson’s chair dance are a great evolution of online music writing. (There’s also one on Nirvana 🤷‍♂️) newyorker.com/culture/touchsto

Our evil corgi, national champion Fran is now an evil corgi cover girl 😃😃😃

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