When I first walked past the TV and saw Biden behind the big-fancy desk in the Oval Office, it sunk in for me: competence is back. Bluster and bullying, for the moment, are on the decline.
President Biden begins signing a tall stack of executive orders during his first Oval Office appea... short.therealadam.com/2021/01/

On repeat (which I rarely do, lately): Empyrean Isles by Herbie Hancock. Ron Carter, Freddie Hubbard, heck yeah. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empyrean

Austin Kleon’s list of perfect albums: . Non-compilation albums, no songs worth skipping. Discovering these albums is one of my favorite things about listening to music. Blood Sugar Sex Magik was the first one I found myself, when I was sixteen. Blew my mind. austinkleon.com/2020/08/31/per

Matt Webb on Asimov’s Foundation, and what’s unique about science fiction:

Like any scientific endeavour it starts as a phenomenological exercise: what’s happening? How does this thing behave in various circumstances? Then beginning to probe: what are its limits? How do we break the p... short.therealadam.com/2020/08/

Determined Disney fan recreates the original Disneyland version of the Alice In Wonderland ride-through in 3D. Same, but for Mr. Toad, one of my top 3 Disneyland favorites. twitter.com/djcarson/status/12

In my too-frequent skimming of German sports cars for sale near me, I came across a BMW 135i with a black exterior and interior. It’s a tempting car, but I’m afraid it says “I listen to two kinds of music: Kraftwerk on cassette and Kraftwerk on vinyl”.👴

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