Dave Quah made a pretty dang good HTML & CSS version of the Destiny loading animation. I see a lot of this thing and that’s pretty a pretty dang awesome achievement. codepen.io/Milleus/pen/XWWEKqm

How DJ Premier Changed Hip-Hop - I did not realize he’s the producer on so many tracks. Particularly, Nas (“New York State of Mind”, even), D’Angelo, and (checks notes) Christina Aguilera. vulture.com/2017/12/how-dj-pre

I don’t often have the need for a tiny spreadsheet on my phone, but I love everything about Tinysheet by Postlight. postlight.com/labs/tinysheet

A great Twitter thread on the importance of training managers. It boggles my mind we just throw so many people in the leadership pool and hope for the best. Every manager had a manager at some point! Why did we only start writing it down in the past few years? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ twitter.com/nmsanchez/status/1

Current obsession: the Porsche 962 racecar. A spacecar GT/LeMans design. Bubble-esque cockpit, ground-effect body. It won some races. A great shape with the body panels on or off. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_

Do Something Syndrome: When Movement Trumps Results:

I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing, and what a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization. fs.blog/2015/06/do-something-s

TIL that codemod is a (Python, target language agnostic) thing for doing large-scale find/replace refactorings in code bases, react-codemod is a tool for doing the same specifically for React APIs and idioms, based on jscodeshift for doing large-scale refactorings specifically on JS cod... short.therealadam.com/2019/06/

DeRay McKesson from January 1, 2018:

"I’ve found that the people who “play all sides” eventually get played in the end. The world does not need you to pretend to be a neutral party on everything. Stand for the things & people you believe in."

Wise words that are going to apply for a l... short.therealadam.com/2019/06/

Jessica Kerr - the future of software: complexity: “Complexity: Fight it, or fight through it, or embrace it? Yes.” On leverage, the intellectually rewarding kind of software complexity, and tackling accidental software complexity. medium.com/@jessitron/the-futu

Craig Mod, on returning to the internet after forty days without:

Strong net connection burbling up above, smartphone in hand, put the right apps on the thing and we are all Odysseuses. Except we didn’t strap ourselves to the mast of our ship, we walked straight up to those beautiful ... short.therealadam.com/2019/06/

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