Fortnite Creative looks like a combination of private servers and exposing most of the map building tools through a clever game item. Seeing as how nothing in Fortnite should work, on paper, I’m excited to see what folks do with it!

In lieu of coffee, I took a five minute walk yesterday when I hit the mid-afternoon groginess. This was at least as effective, if not more than a coffee. 100% success rate, would recommend! 😉

I like how the module systems in ES6 and Clojure solve the “where the heck did this function come from?” problem. I’m optimistic that adding some kind of module system to Ruby can make working with Rails and large apps even more pleasant!

The New Yorker’s “Touchstones” essays on classic albums are quite good. The inline samples of Missy Elliott’s musical references and supercuts of other artists borrowing Janet Jackson’s chair dance are a great evolution of online music writing. (There’s also one on Nirvana 🤷‍♂️)

Our evil corgi, national champion Fran is now an evil corgi cover girl 😃😃😃

Bobs: What would you say it is you do around here?

Me: I curate and repost cute animal memes from various Slacks into our company Slack’s pets channel.

Bobs: This guy’s a straight shooter with upper management written all over him.

Currently enjoying: What Now from Sylvan Esso. Love the edge on the lyrics and the shape of the synth sounds.

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Ruby library designs based on plugins and/or extensive module composition make me worried I’m going to spend a lot of time understanding the flow of control between modules (e.g. CarrierWave, AuthLogic).

I’d rather something that’s already integrated with “common” problems of coupling....

Its never a bad time to educate the kids about their rock and roll heritage:

Elvis Costello is a jewel unstuck in time, simultaneously timeless and of his time. His most recent album, no exception.

Seth Godin, Get your memo read

The unanticipated but important memo has a difficult road. It will likely be ignored.

I find this is one of the unexpected challenges of taking on engineering leadership responsibilities. First off, you have to do all the writing things right: use a ...

I increasingly find sketching out an idea in the same format as Julia Evans' 'zines is great way to break writer's block and other forms of analysis paralysis.

TSA pre, but paying to get up and use the bathroom on an airplane any damn time you normally would as a person in 21st century civilization.

1. I have an idea and JavaScript is the most practical place to start
2. I'll end up needing webpack in the end, go to webpack website
3. start building a config file from scratch
4. [10 minutes elapse, I barely have a hello-world webpage done]
5. I think I will do anything else in the world instead

Forever. 😢

Austin, TX software developer, second tour of duty leadering. Attempting to grok the world from a Neal Stephenson/Steven Berlin Johnson-esque angle. Formerly into American football metaphors, now into motorsport metaphors. The SR-71 is the best aircraft ever produced, the finest thing the CIA ever did, and a pretty good digital camera.

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