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We can use the principles and patterns underlying stable, healthy, and sustainable
living systems as a model for economic-system design.

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Does anybody here have any resources on billing models for custom software development agencies?

"Because our enemy is not piracy, our enemy is not someone that is going to steal our idea. Our enemy is Obscurity. That we are not known and not trusted. But if we are trusted for the right reasons, you have more leverage than ever before." - Seth Godin

"How can I get more confidence? [...] I think its the wrong question. Because as soon as you ask that question, you are viewing the world as a threat. You are viewing yourself as inadequate.
[...] The right question is: How can I be more generous?
[Then] we get out of our own head, and we have the chance to live in a connection economy, that's based on abundance. Abundance of information, abundance of trust.
As opposed to an industrial economy that's based on scarcity. " - Seth Godin

Debugging insight of the day:

Focus on solving the problem, not the mystery.

There is a trade-off between deep understanding and fast problem solving.

When deadline looms, don't nerd-snipe yourself and keep a flexible mind, focused on the problem.

Are Silicon Valley's valuations a symptom of unevenly distributed hyperinflation?

Calling all armchair & real economists:

What are your thoughts on quantitative easing and the state of the US Dollar?

So turns out I can boost my own post, but when I delete the boost the original post gets deleted -.-

"The Design is the Implementation"

talks about a powerful idea that i have been intuiting aswell.

the aesthetics of your data model do matter if you want your app to have interactions that feel right.
i feel this is one of the bridges to alexander, this is what will make software feel alive rather than dead.

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How well known is Scott Mccloud’s “Path of Creation” concept from his book Understanding Comics?

To date it’s the best method of modeling mastery i’ve seen.

The 6 steps for drawing comics for example are:

6/ surface: copying.
5/ craft: perspective, anatomy, etc...
4/ structure: storytelling
3/ idiom: new techniques

2/ form: expressing sth. about art, an explorer stretching boundaries

1/ idea/purpose: expressing sth. about life, art as a tool

All creation is surface to core and back out

Various communal living forms on a gradient from "practical community" to "intentional community" fit your request:

Flat-shares, co-living, student housing cooperatives, frat houses, eco-villages.

Pragmatic, ideology free, flat-shares are really common, even post-university, in Germany at least.

@scottwerner @jamescgibson
Yes I also feel like what has persisted from the GoF book in programmer lore (I haven't read it) has really nothing to do with what Alexander is talking abiut

I found Richard P. Gabriel whilst researching the concept of "habitable code", which seems to fit my intuition about what makes for good code.

A codebase should be views as Living Structure not as a exercise in High Modernism.

“We need to
learn how to write software “before” we worry about development methodologies —using principles and approaches of a fine arts education in creative writing”

“Patterns of Software” explores the work of the architect Christopher Alexander as it relates to the creation of software.

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@vgr any chance there's a recording somewhere or have you written more about the ideas in this presentation: I've shared slide 42 in a bunch of conversations lately and would be really interested to hear/read more about what you have to say about it.


Now I think that the only thing that can be done is to fix one's owns pathologies. This should eventually lead to being properly aligned with one's self. Thereby being able to offer one's own vulnerable sides and giving loving attention to the difficult person without any ulterior motives.

This creates a situation in which the person feels actually seen and can finally "quit the bullshit".

Call it "metta", "not being in the box" or "unconditional positive regard".

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I've been thinking about @vgr's Zeroth Mile diagram

Overall, I like it. It's better than "last mile" framing.

If I was drawing the map for myself, the "Boundary of Science" would go through the middle of the human dot and the human attention box. Having it at the edge could give the misleading impression that things from beyond that boundary can't get at people. That they are safely off in the distance somewhere. That boundary can be as close as inside your body.

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The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.
The second highest form of intelligence?
Posting wise quotes online
— Jiddu Krishnamurti

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