Calling all armchair & real economists:

What are your thoughts on quantitative easing and the state of the US Dollar?

(Completely armchair economist here)

Quantitative easing was the right policy at the time, but should have been supplemented by a major regulation push and protection of the individual debtors.

Serious Glass-Steagal regulations should have been put into place and banks and financial firms reigned in, both in Europe and in the USA.

US Dollar supply should have been allowed to go slowly done once situation was a bit more stable.

@alec It feels quite inexplicable how things aren't more different, e.g. massive inflation, or some fundamentally different concept of currency. Before QE, the idea that the value of a dollar = roughly the value of the economy/wealth divided by number of dollars seemed reasonable. Now it feels obviously naive.

@alec Further, I find it inexplicable how NOT often QE is referenced as either (a) a major contributor to wealth inequality, or (b) a massive expansion of "trickle down economics." Tax cuts get huge headlines and hand wringing, meanwhile...

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