As of a week ago, I've officially stopped being able to "keep up" with my chronological Masto feed. Partly due to continually adding more follows, mostly from having less time this week & only opening the app to skim from the top for shorter bursts.

Was fun while it lasted! I now feel much more lost for context when scrolling past ongoing conversations. I get that there's no nefarious feed algorithm here, but kinda wish there was a better way to surface top-level posts for active threads

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hey so remember how I wanted a project gutenberg corpus with every plaintext file in an easy-to-use format?

well I wanted it so bad I guess that I went ahead and made it

Really surprised at the relative lack of ascii art memery on here given the 500-char limit

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The burden of debt impacts just about every major life choice my cohort makes. From decisions about where to live (and who to live with) to what to tolerate at work, the deep uncertainty debt brings is terrifying. It’s a monster that’s always just behind you.

This debt costs our society.

The amount of ventures that haven’t been started, families not shared, art not created, and ideas not pursued is truly staggering

There are so many opportunities wasted because of this misallocation of energy

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Looking for a good intro to the structures of language. Not pop books on writing or boring door-stop reference books, but guides to grammar/syntax in different language families.

Would this come under linguistics, semantics, or something else?

(FYI reading “In the Land or Invented Languages” and my curiosity is aroused.)

Is there such a thing as an etymology (metamology?) of the origins of grammatical rules, standardized speaking/writing patterns, or how a written aesthetic goes about getting inducted into Standard Written English? Especially the discussions and reasoning that went into making certain decisions? Like RFCs, but for shared linguistic protocols

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*wipes a tear from eye*
their first industry kill.
they grow up so fast.

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"What makes this song great", a youtube series using music theory to deconstruct a classic rock song and explain how it achieves its sound.

This kind of stuff is really fascinating to me - how such a visceral, emotional art form is secretly all built from mathematical structures.

Worth a listen if you're an aspiring musician/songwriter or just interested in practical applications of chord progressions and scales etc.

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@Elmkast start with Red Plenty by Francis Spufford. Read the chapters on Tanzania and Russia (pre and post Czar) in James C. Scott's Seeing Like a State. Read October by China Mieville. Inventing the Future by Nick Srnicek & Alex Williams. First As Tragedy, then as Farce by Slavoj Žižek. Four Futures by Peter Frase. Tombstone by Yang Jisheng. are some good starting points.

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Hi folks! My employer, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, looking for an Associate Site Reliability Engineer, which is a fancy-ish way to say "keep websites running and automate all the things" :)

- Open to junior/entry-level
- Open to remote work in American time zones
- Mentoring included
- You get paid to help protect freedoms that are under imminent threat.

Great role if you're looking to start a career in infrastructure work with mission focus. Questions? DM! :)

Question to those who have experienced it: how did you outgrow the binge/bust cycle of (what is typically) your mid-20s?

Conscious decision to refocus, side effect of increased obligations, physical body development, something else?

I find that when I have a free day, I'll default to grinding through a work/project backlog rather than doing things I *know* are healthier and would rather be doing (more sleep, free-associative creative activity, reading, etc).

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intergenerational bickering 

intergenerational bickering 

intergenerational bickering 

I don't think there's a "reply all" to threads on here, but just wanted to express thanks to everyone who responded. I've copied notes over and will dig through these, hopefully getting to a few by the end of this summer or start of fall.

It seems like there's a high % of science fiction readers on here. For a few reasons -- the main one being that I'm a frustratingly slow reader -- I have yet to dive in on any serious SF quests, and I end up getting lost in the meta-chatter. (pretty much sitting in the "I've heard Dune is good" camp)

Curious to hear some examples of works that you consider good/important, either for the genre or for you personally, and briefly why. They don't necessarily have to be novels, either.

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@alex my ideas:

- Instances make it harder for things to go viral, dampening social incentive

- A lot of snowflakes & introverts on Mastodon (especially outside of our instance)

- Memes need a critical mass of users to really take off (my local city subreddit, for example, is much worse about memes than say /r/losangeles)

- Need a critical mass of toxicity (memes on twitter/reddit/tumblr are many ppl dunking on eachother/punching down)

Someone really needs to write a Unified Meme Theory.

Does any significant memeing happen on Mastodon? My first take was that the tools here (CWs, custom skinning, etc) make it ripe with opportunity for bespoke memes, but the ethos of the thing aren't quite as aligned to that as, say, Twitter is. Unless I'm just not following the right instances

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Petition to rename Canada & Mexico - NOBO and SOBO

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Does anyone else get really antsy after going half a year or so without making any big fork-in-the-road decisions? I've been steadily chipping away at the sculpture (? Odd metaphor) of life since December (which has been enjoyable don't get me wrong) and now I want to BREAK something 😡 for fun 🙂

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