This is a strange illustration. Body proportions and the sense of maximum inflation. Perspective from above. It's just off-putting, not to mention sweets as reward.

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Author points out that there's a binary response the public has toward recycling (it's magic or useless). That seems to be how we react to most topics these days when in fact, as described here, it's just more complicated than that.

So nice I have no dog to walk or commute to make. Goodnight!

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Hi, I’m an almost-40 English professor from San Francisco living in Colorado. INFJ Ravenclaw Enneagram 4. Also an ethnic Jew, practicing Christian, democratic socialist, fierce LGBTQ+ advocate. Married to the amazing @bullfrog and raising 2 daughters.

Full disclosure: I Tweet and FB and hadn’t heard of Mastodon until today.


Using things I happened upon today. I could make a collage every day!

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Hello! I'm Mo.

I'm a life-long artist who got burnt out in graphic design school. I'm finding my creative footing again with painting and sculpture, and I'm always looking for inspiration.

I am also a clown in training! I work and learn with @RussSharek in the classical art of European silliness. Along the way I've picked up juggling and ukulele. I'm looking forward to learning to walk on stilts and ride a unicycle this year!

I'm on Mastadon because facebook is the worst. : )


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Hello world! I am a software developer - some of my interests include: computer science, cyber security (and the right to privacy), space program, futurology, mind-mapping, ethical thinking, brainstorming, minimalism, tiny living, and being respectful with everyone and trying to listen and understand. I'm pretty good at seeing "both sides of an argument" and I enjoy discourse (mostly enjoy listening to intelligent people talking amongst each other) I'm quite keen on privacy and I am passionately in love with this mastadon federated social media concept. I am extremely excited to be here and looking forward to meeting many of you and hearing what you have to say! #introductions

It's actually easy to decide what to wear when jogging in MN polar vortex weather: everything!

Time to bundle up! I wish I could say I knitted this hat but I didn't. I couldn't convince my friend to sell these on etsy but I think they'd be a hit.

What if instead of grooming a lake (which became an ecological blank slate due to just what you think) for recreational angling we dedicated it to "art"? That sure could be interesting!

As I mull over what I'm
currently reading: "The Death and Life of the Great Lakes" by D. Egan.

Had a sudden inspiration during a meeting today about .

When the temperature is 12 and you think well that's not so bad—you realize you've lived here TOO LONG.

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