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Engineer and product designer from Berlin. Ran a design consultancy doing game and engagement design. Now I'm working as a lead engineer at a local startup while raising twin daughters.

I do a small podcast (in Dutch for now) with my former business partner about progressive perspectives on technology.

Given that power is a crucial part of racism, let's just say that it's not possible to be racist against peoples of empires (USA, Russia, China), colonizing nations (Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, Spain, Portugal) or anybody with a nuke (India, Pakistan).

Europe can prove now whether it can still stay productive under the influence of debilitating heat and tropical illnesses.

Exceedingly rare to find a talk about programming that draws on both Christopher Alexander and James C. Scott, two authors that I keep coming back to myself.

Even better that it uses them to explain why the Design Patterns failed, something that I also feeled but couldn't really put my finger on—I always thought this is just a silly thing that Java people do—and how they could be better.

If Berlin can't turn into Copenhagen, I'll take Singapore as the next best option.

Living in any large city is just a never-ending stream of exasperation. Some more than others.

As a 50% parent weird seeing all those moms in the park with a dog and kids. I guess their husbands come home from work, play with the kid, play with the dog, play with their wife and then go to bed to do it all again the next day.

There is another dirty secret behind the German switch to alcohol-free beers: German beers just aren't that good. I prefer any major foreign beer (Heineken, Carlsberg, 1664, etc.) over most beers you can buy here.

Reporting back from the playground: if people like us didn't have children, you do not want to know what kind of people would be left to procreate.

I asked somebody from India about the extreme temperatures. They weren't too worried about it and said that people just need to stay out of the heat.

A frankly amazing piece by Monica Lent using her experience to debunk seven commonly held truths about programming with verve. Programming consists of folklore and beliefs are often just beliefs. That indeed makes most learning in this field a question of unlearning.

“The island’s vaunted meritocracy is imperfect, especially seen from the perspective of its Malay and Indian minorities; and the pressures on citizens to perform and conform are so intense that those who do not fit in sometimes opt for voluntary exile.”

Not having walked the island (which sounds amazing) but talking about Singapore from afar, I came to many of the same conclusions. Still a fascinating place in so so many ways.

Germans bringing non-carbon bikes up to the office always cracks me up.

The kids are playing while I'm reading about Paxos and friends.

Grotesque that for all the billions being wasted on educational material in Germany, there is no translation or equivalent of Khan Academy Kids.

Going to a playground in a more gentrified area just because the kids there are so much quieter.

You prefer not to look at this shit in Germany, but we are paying €39,99/month for not so fast internet.

Set aside all of the obvious outcry, I haven't seen a single argument yet that explains how encrypted communications are compatible with state power.

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