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Engineer and product designer from Berlin. Ran a design consultancy doing game and engagement design. Now I'm working as a lead engineer at a local startup while raising twin daughters.

I do a small podcast (in Dutch for now) with my former business partner about progressive perspectives on technology.

A summary of the agile development holy grail of continuous integration and deployment that is so hard to attain but very much worth it.

I feel this list of what it means to switch to the management track and this point in particular is more or less what my days consist of (intensity, attention, feeling): "Management forces you to care more about everything."

I think this is a leveling definition that I can live with: "Managers are paid to drive results with some support. Directors are paid to drive results with little or no supervision ('set and forget'). VPs are paid to make the plan."

Or if I would paraphrase this: directors are barrels (not bullets) and VPs need to create the circumstances where you are 'certain to win'.

I thought I knew how big a deal TikTok was a year ago already but I feel sorry for not diving in back then because it is much bigger a deal than I had thought.

Reading this account by the former COO Francoise Brougher, I'm disappointed to learn how badly Pinterest failed at Diversity and Inclusion.

"There are the leaders that — like samurai — embrace death. They see their role as protecting and empowering the people below them who do the real work and it’s an honor to serve the team’s interests even if things do not go well for them personally."

It starts out weird but this is an amazing article about leaders' appetites for risk and how that plays out within companies.

Edge C2 is a nice ideal position to move towards in this article about military agility that contains a bunch of useful elements including an interlinked OODA loop and a visualization of the Trust Equation.

"This gets at the heart of what’s deeply wrong with this perspective: it prioritizes currently non-existent, possibly never-existent, hypothetical future possible people over living, breathing people today, because the former could possibly, maybe, perhaps far outnumber the latter."

An argument of how the Effective Altruism movement is an ideological front for white supremacy and eventual genocide.

I can't say I've read a lot of Beyond the Beyond nor been much of a happy Wired consumer in any case, but it's passing still marks the end of an era. I remember Bruce Sterling's closing speeches at SxSWi as one of the highlights of the conference (me being too late an arrival to attend his house parties).

A barrage of hard-won but crucial learnings by @jessitron on the @changelog podcast about how to improve work interactions and create better software systems.

An interesting argument that uses Scott's critique of high modernism to cast doubt on how beneficial machine learning will be for authoritarian regimes. Also a bit reminiscent of Weyl's critique of technocracy.

Let's hope it's true.

A lot of the problems in the world seem to stem from people’s inability to hold two opposing viewpoints in their mind at the same time.

Companies insisting on long hours is probably only one thing holding women back, but this article goes deep on that one question and uncovers a panoply of assumptions and attitudes.

The Cantillon effect has been menioned regularly as part of the government bailouts but it is important to read this explanation of what it is and how money is not neutral.

Not surprising that the entire concept of ‘ethical AI’ is another scam perpetuated by the MIT Media Lab. At this point I would assume any project coming out of that institution to be compromised unless proven otherwise.

“If “star salaries” can’t be explained by contribution to the productive enterprise, high managerial compensation would appear to be what economists call “rent” — essentially, profit extraction.”

Every time I try vegan chocolate pastry, I throw it away uneaten. How is this good for the environment?

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