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Engineer and product designer from Berlin. Ran a design consultancy doing game and engagement design. Now I'm working as a lead engineer at a local startup while raising twin daughters.

I do a small podcast (in Dutch for now) with my former business partner about progressive perspectives on technology.

A lot of the problems in the world seem to stem from people’s inability to hold two opposing viewpoints in their mind at the same time.

Companies insisting on long hours is probably only one thing holding women back, but this article goes deep on that one question and uncovers a panoply of assumptions and attitudes.

The Cantillon effect has been menioned regularly as part of the government bailouts but it is important to read this explanation of what it is and how money is not neutral.

Not surprising that the entire concept of ‘ethical AI’ is another scam perpetuated by the MIT Media Lab. At this point I would assume any project coming out of that institution to be compromised unless proven otherwise.

“If “star salaries” can’t be explained by contribution to the productive enterprise, high managerial compensation would appear to be what economists call “rent” — essentially, profit extraction.”

Every time I try vegan chocolate pastry, I throw it away uneaten. How is this good for the environment?

Ian Bogost remarks on the eery flattening of place and the retreat of people into the domestic cozy, since home can be any place you want it to be thanks to digital technology.

I'm glad that this takedown of Clean Code by Dan Abramov got so much traction. I have no problem with clean code (lowercase), but inevitably the process of getting there and the things people do as a consequence make the entire endeavor an anti-pattern.

As always, people get too attached to the parts that are the least important while ignoring the rest.

I used to know Wytze and the foresight and innovation that he put into the Urban Arrow back in the day (2010) which is still going strong is nothing short of mind-boggling.

I read this science-fiction short story “I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter” which is reminiscent of Ann Leckie's books in how it plays with gender and militarism, but I think this is better.

“Drinking has to be against the rules for taking a drink to be breaking the rules. Only a Muslim can know how good that tastes.”

I remember the penchant of a certain kind of man to whiskey when I was a kid and how it would be used as an (expensive) present or bribe. I bet that in most of those cases it was also Black Label that they were going for.

Being a member of a group rests mostly on sharing the hypocrisies of that group.

Figma's multiplayer support is fantastic and something similar should be a part of every creative application. Now they've also written a very understandable high-level overview of their implementation (with CRDTs).

It would seem that most of the people in our apartment building have some kind of behavioral issue that is hard to ignore.

My colleague Jiro Minier is featured in the Dahrendorf Foresight Project on European Security with a scenario that is dystopian and scarily prescient.

I'm looking at an ABAP file and now I want to soak my eyes in bleach.

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