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Engineer and product designer from Berlin. Ran a design consultancy doing game and engagement design. Now I'm working as a lead engineer at a local startup while raising twin daughters.

I do a small podcast (in Dutch for now) with my former business partner about progressive perspectives on technology.

My colleague Jiro Minier is featured in the Dahrendorf Foresight Project on European Security with a scenario that is dystopian and scarily prescient.

I'm looking at an ABAP file and now I want to soak my eyes in bleach.

I guess Loudon Wainwright is as good a place as any to start their musical education.

An excellent short piece about the various ways that power bends reality. It is well worth keeping in mind even^G^G^G especially if you are the person who has power.

“The role of the middle-aged white man is to put out the rubbish and if he is the rubbish then he should put himself out.”

I can't get enough of these literary exposés, this one about how Benjamin Moser treats female collaborators and appropriates their work.

I also love this proposed government based on sortition and ostracism. It seems like it could be a lot better than what we have right now.

@vgr Combining some stuff: I've never worn one but I usually compare protected social media accounts to female facial covering. I gather they have a similar purpose.

I'm this close to slapping a burka on my daughters (2.5y old) to block all the unwanted attention they get on the street.

With some minor adjustments, this entire piece about the systematic advantaging of the automobile is applicable to Germany as well.

Parents driving their kids to school endanger kids who walk to school, which gives those parents a justification not to let their kids walk to school and thus drive them.

Flightshame (flygskam) is nice but the people who really fly a lot don’t have any shame to speak of.

Whenever our kids are dismayed by somebody else, they come to us and say that there was either a human (ein Mensch!) or a kid (ein Kind!). No genders, no nothing.

Given that power is a crucial part of racism, let's just say that it's not possible to be racist against peoples of empires (USA, Russia, China), colonizing nations (Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, Spain, Portugal) or anybody with a nuke (India, Pakistan).

Europe can prove now whether it can still stay productive under the influence of debilitating heat and tropical illnesses.

Exceedingly rare to find a talk about programming that draws on both Christopher Alexander and James C. Scott, two authors that I keep coming back to myself.

Even better that it uses them to explain why the Design Patterns failed, something that I also feeled but couldn't really put my finger on—I always thought this is just a silly thing that Java people do—and how they could be better.

If Berlin can't turn into Copenhagen, I'll take Singapore as the next best option.

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