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Engineer and product designer from Berlin. Ran a design consultancy doing game and engagement design. Now I'm working as a lead engineer at a local startup while raising twin daughters.

I do a small podcast (in Dutch for now) with my former business partner about progressive perspectives on technology.

“At the moment I see a bifurcation; where funny, joyful and light work sit in the realm of meaningless, excessive consumption. Whilst social engaged, community focused and politically meaningful design work is often humourless, austere and self satisfied. We need to stop being so binary. We need to be multiple.”

Climate action should be covered by the right of self-defense.

Countries planning to hit their CO2 goals should decree that they won't take refugees from countries that don't.

Het was weer ‘fijn’ om naar het ontvouwend gesprek tussen @alper en @kaeru te luisteren in hun onregelmatige podcast
(‘fijn’ omdat ik geen lichtvoetigheid wil suggereren :-) )

Are there companies where coming to meetings prepared is not this unique superpower?

Listened to the man for the first time ever (thanks Ezra!) and quickly found out that Francis Fukuyama is a total dipshit. I listened to you on the Changelog and that was very good. It's clear that you're crazy smart and doing a good thing.

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I set some really aggressive limits for myself on Screen Time (it is possible to make custom app groups, but it's kinda hidden away).

The European votes today are nothing as dramatic as ‘the end of the internet’ but they are a more than predictably sovereignty clawback from the digital domain.

Counter-indicators for the local startup scene:
- Most of the founders are basic dudes from the same couple of local business schools.
- Most 'startups' don't have a technology component. A lot of it is lead generation in a narrow vertical backed by smoke and mirrors and a call center of agents.

Is it me or is a house in Europe no longer a 50+ year asset?

I think it may make more sense to take things decade per decade this century but pretty sure the financial models aren’t there yet.

Talking Politics's episode on Crashed is essential listening to anybody interested in global financial politics. Adam Tooze is just so very razor sharp.

Reminder: Be very careful with quizzes that measure your "political spectrum" or some other variation that determines preferences, proclivities etc... based on a set of arbitrary and rudimentary questions

Unless you're blocking all trackers, or better yet on Tor, you've just given ad companies yet another set of data points to target you

Worse, you've given authorities, which will inevitably tap that data, ready access to information that's illegal to put on any census

A very good treatment of freedom and justice in the digital sphere where the part about Pettit (‘When is your freedom “deep”?’) goes all Ribbonfarm.

I don't think comments about crytpocurrency should be entertained unless the person talking provides full disclosure into their current positions.

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