My ebook wishlist is looooooooong. But then also I looked at the "to-be-read" shelf behind me in my office and it is *full*.


So many books, how will I ever get to them all?

I decided I'm limiting myself to 10 new books next year tops. Slightly less than 1 a month, should be doable.

Gonna focus on reading what I've got first.

I was gonna say no new books, but I know that won't work.

@alper I keep trying to add a bit, Goodreads' challenge has helped with that. 48 this year, Probably going to set it to 50 next year.


@zephasaurus_hex If you're reading 50 a year (I am too), you shouldn't really worry I guess unless you want to push it into superreader territory (100+ books per year).

I would say get more books and read more books at the same time and abandon more of them as well.

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