A painting i came across that reminds me of some of the modern tendencies.
Plenty of things are seen as entertainment by people who are outside of the blast radius.

Timelapse camera ran out of card, so it's as good a time as any to post the video.

4 years of apples growing, at 4 seconds per year.

You can see them puff into blossom and you can see the sun's elevation change as the times of the year go by.


Hm, if Elon Musk were to land on the Moon and claim a piece of land as his property, would that be legal in the broad sense?

Would that even be a meaningful question, assuming there are other people with that capability by then so conflicts are possible?

So for the first time in 10+ years orbides.org is uniform in both code, formatting and design.

It's now possible to expect new stuff to appear there.

Cleaned up Orbides...
It's like digging through an attic.

Over 13 years:

-5 coding styles and formatting methods. You can date articles by them

-8 design changes, with bits of old ones scattered around

-2.2 Gb of images and files

-4.6 Mb of apps

-48 Mb of logs since 2015

-100 Kb of text articles

-32 Kb of comments (after purging all the spambots)

The last one is interesting - "people wrote back at me 30% as much as i wrote at them" sounds way better than "one comment per 50k visitors".

Speaking of weird, having made a DIY laptop i noticed plenty of weird design decisions in all of the consumer models.

Mine got:
-Power in *and out*, since why carry a huge battery around if it's not accessible, i.e. to run a soldering iron?

-HDMI *input* and USB *output* options, since a laptop is a screen+keyboard terminal useful to attach other computers to.

-Is mostly battery by weight, since what's the point if it can't run for a day?

-Got a removable core, since upgrades will happen.

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@AdverbAdjectiveNoun Neat, now that's something i haven't tried, even though it sounds right up my alley.

Still, i mostly used to play with just pure mathematics and algorithms, finding ways to generate the most structure from the least amount of data.

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@AdverbAdjectiveNoun Cute, that reminds me of my own experiments with noise-based image generation by reference.

Give it a sample (left), it generates a tiny set of parameters that can then be used to make an infinite amount of similar images (right).

Trying similar things on a real image produces an effect of scattered black holes consuming everything. Which is actually kinda cute.

So i decided to try to make a generative image smoothing thingy by looping a corner detector with a random tweaking function that picks a less cornered image than the last one.

The result was... A VERY slow turn-image-to-black function. Sigh...

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@artlav @msflechette not trolling. People don't post whole conversations (except the recent Instagram plane thing) but overheard snippets of dumb things people say. Next time I see one I'll screenshot it!


I've been spamming testnet in various ways for the last few days, and noticed that if mempool is congested and a new miner joins the game, then that miner is not going to help with the backlog, only with new transactions - they'll have no way of obtaining the old ones.

This explains some mining anomalies seen back in Dec-Jan.

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I already knew I wanted a pet beaver, now I really want one °-°

Ok, can this thing do images? Here is something from the recent storm.

Hardware hacker, software enthusiast, blockchain theorist, tech explainer.

No, i still haven't figured out where to stick that ActivityPub protocol implementation into, so am typing this from a browser.

Refactor Camp

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