I don't remember the last time a film buried me so much in detail that getting to the meaning surface was work. Andrey Rublev comes to mind, but nah, I think that one just made me process its emotional dilemmas for a while, so only similar in that slow lingering effect.

Just watched the Soviet cult film Assa. Pretty sure its meaning didn’t start to begin to materialize until 30 minutes after it was over. Sure it’s about underground rock music and 80s synths, but it's filled with Soviet life. Swimming in the cold Black Sea, fire-escape ladders, washing an old mother's feet, run-down apartments. I can only speculate that the creators couldn’t be so blatant for fear of authority repercussions, but it’s clear who is portrayed as incompetent, without morality, etc.

Hey there, just got here through the magical constructioneering post and from swellandcut. Getting inspired by the creativity and insight-driven discussion here. This is cool.

Refactor Camp

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