The deeply mediocre among us find deep lifestyle hacks. Podcast-heavy info-diets replace more strenuous reading that would compete with lazier pleasures. We accept the fact that podcasts INSTEAD of heavy reading biases our info exposure. Text-to-speech to lazily cram ebooks that others will sit down and read.

We must resist telling the Truly Productive about our hacks. Podcasts have become part of the way-too-disciplined lifestyle now.

Security is hard. There's at least three dimensions of attack:

• Runaway sophistication: Meltdown/Spectre, worst case cryptography situations against nation states

• Runaway stupid hackery: Expanding door frames for physical access, social engineering

• Gödel, Escher, Bach style exploitation of map vs. territory: Finding ways to make software do things it wasn't supposed to

True hacker beauty comes from the masterful application of all three

Potential consequences of new species:

🥗 Separate restaurant economy emerges b/c homo sapien restaurants taste disgusting to new species.

😡 New species isn't calibrated for small tribe reputation. Humans view them as unbearably brash.

💼 New species is way more effective at large companies. "They're taking our jobs" narrative.

💔 New species views humans as morally bankrupt. New species grapples with scary moral imperatives.

🤔 New species' intellectual culture becomes illegible to humans.

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Sci-Fi plot I'd love to read:

"Rapid human evolution" invented. New species of humans emerges in 2020, evolved for modern world:

👅 Palate calibrated to modern food availability: tasty = healthy

🏙️ Adapted for cities, not tribes: no Dunbar number

💼 Highly abstract and specialized work feels natural and motivating

💗 Empathy scales w/ numbers

🧠 Stats are intuitive. Brain prefers "full picture" over consistency

Homo sapiens see this new species as a mixture of superhuman, pathetic, and alien.

On having a highly or minimally structured life, and having clear or fuzzy goals:

‣ High structure, clear goal: “I work at BigCo. I want to move up”

‣ High structure, fuzzy goal: “I work at BigCo and I want to Be Good”

‣ Low/clear: “I run a company, I want it to be big”

‣ Low/fuzzy: “I don’t *need* to work, I want to Be Good”

Shout-into-the-void platforms are great if you flood a small set of friends with DMs sometimes and you need a backup place to point the firehose so you're not overtly annoying

The Big Tech "war on attention" is more like guerrilla warfare or terrorism. Each of us is the large formal military and we're fighting against a leaderless guerrilla army.

Everyone I know trying to actually fight back is paying out the nose in terms of tech convenience in order to, like, not check Twitter/Facebook every 10 min.

We can't go on fighting like this. We need to find a better path forward or we're all gonna become luddites.

Me: I kinda like my phone too much and it makes it hard to focus

Intense work-oriented friends: Yeah I just switched to a flip phone, moved to a cabin in the woods, and became Amish in order to fix that problem. Pretty happy with it so far

One of the more formative things I got out of ribbonfarm so far: internalizing the "Protestant ethic" as a concept, recognizing it in myself, and chilling out with ideas like viewing vacation as a tool for recharging your batteries (and thus a tool for optimizing work productivity).

I've learned a bunch of other interesting concepts and whatnot too, but that one popped up around a time where I needed it.

After finding a new person who has good commentary on internet communities I like:

At first: Ah very insightful. Spot on.

After I've interacted with them a bit: Alright this time they're DEFINITELY roasting me.

lol = The classic lol

Lol = The mobile lol

lel = The internet chat box lol

lul = The half-hearted / mock lol

lolll = The "I actually found that funny" lol

lol!!!!!!!!! = The mom/older relative lol

lololol = The "I'm annoying you" lol

LOL = The "I actually laughed" lol

Alright I'm gonna say it...

Putting "[Insert [observation about group you're a part of] here]" in your bio is like the opposite of clever. Stop it

A lot of smart people value intelligence, conscientiousness, and grit in others.

Thought I've been playing with: Unusually high intelligence and conscientiousness both look virtuous in practice. It feels good to demonstrate those traits if you can. Unusually high grittiness though looks uncomfortable, like someone struggling for a long time even though it makes the person and those around them uncomfortable. It might feel like poor calibration in practice.

I created a twitter list containing only people who regularly respond to dril. Timeline of garbage, no rhyme or reason to it. Not sure what I expected.

While discussing this with my friend at lunch, I realized what motivated this thought.

Between 13 and 24, I think my tolerable range of how far someone should "punch down" shrank more and more until it approached zero.

At 13, I probably would be one of those people who joins a flat earth society and laughs at them.

Today, I feel like the people I respect should be above quote tweeting NDT and calling his "truth force" thing dumb.

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If you like Sci-Fi, the Netflix original series "Lost in Space" is good. Uninhabitable earth, select people test in to qualify for colony ships, setting is on another (unexpected) habitable planet that ships ended up on.

At 13, I was excited to be able to throw intellectual punches and win.

By 14, I understood that others found this distasteful and mainly stopped.

15, internalized that it was distasteful.

~17, internalized also the distastefulness of "punching down"

At 24 now, I mainly want to avoid throwing punches in general and just present ideas independently.

This feels like a terminal state, but I imagine it isn't. Curious how the preference will shift with time

Me, talking to other people: Yeah I love Douglas Hofstadter

Me, reading Douglas Hofstadter: *peeks ahead 20 pages to see how much longer Hofstadter is going to talk about the relationship between square and triangular numbers before making a point*

An alternative universe where emails take longer deliver for every word included. 2 words = 1 second delay

I’m trying to read Antifragile but the random attacks on Taleb’s outgroups are driving me nuts. Is it worth it??

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