Bram Cohen was not a fan of the people who took over BitTorrent in 2017

Spaced repetition roughly models how facts fall out of memory depending on when you rehearse and how frequently you do. Feels similar to leveling up your character in a video game.

I feel like there is a similar feeling dynamic around motivation for a new idea.

When I have a new idea, I'm excited. If I capitalize on this feeling, research more, and find the idea has legs, then it feels like I level up the motivation to explore the thought.

Beautiful description of mp3 compression.

"The filter bank worked on sound the way a prism worked on light" 🔊🌈

Current status: Cracking and removing the DRM from an ebook (which I paid for) about copyright enforcement and file sharing litigation.

Q. What is the most popular distributed hash table?

A. Depends. Academics mostly research Chord because it is more complex. In practice, everyone uses Kademlia because it is simple.

seems... perverse?

While reading through the ribbonfarm archives, I've been chuckling at how many times @vgr manages to throw shade at the term "global citizen." I feel like there is a story behind this.

A few examples attached. lmao

Refactor Camp

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